Beauty Bag Besties: Minimal May

I seldom leave my house without my purse. Not only is it my favourite accessory, it's also home to my favourite products! While my mood changes from month to month, there always seems to be a few items that stick around.
Each month I'll show you the products that were in heavy rotation.

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As we're entering the beginning of summer, I aim to keep my day-to-day look fairly minimal, because let's face it, no one's a fan of the mid-day makeup melt-off. 

May brought more than just showers! Fluffy lashes, sweet scents, a perfect pout & a strong set of brows. With all of these in my arsenal, and there was no rain on my parade!

On my 'off days', I still enjoy a little bit of makeup to serve as a pick-me-up. I'm not a coffee drinker, so something has to make me look a bit more alert. My staples on these days are brow gel, lipstain/lip balm and mascara.
This has become my go-to 'every day' mascara. I can quite literally swipe on a single coat, and be on my merry way.
|One. Coat. Which seems unfathomable, but it gives me that perfect amount of definition without looking too done-up.
On the flip side, it's also extremely build-able. 3 coats and I'm given these fluffy, full and fabulous lashes.
Left to right: Bare lashes, one coat, and three coats. What an eye-opener!

I'll admit, when I took a whiff of the original Prada Candy scent, I was not a fan. Which was disappointing, because I was all about that hyper-girly, sickeningly sweet ad campaign. But it was exactly that; sickeningly sweet. I do like caramel, but not that much!
So when I was gifted the 'Florale' edition, I had my reservations. But as soon as I slid the roller-ball across my wrists, I was instantly smitten.

It is supremely feminine without being nauseatingly girly (Which I like to think also describes me, to an extent). It keeps the qualities of the original scent that I found appealing, but surrounds itself in a lovely, airy floral veil. It's become my go-to for days when I want a scent a little stronger than just soap/deodorant. The roller-ball makes it especially easy to control the amount of coquetteish-ness I wish to achieve that day.
I'd call this a match made in the candy aisle/heaven.

You had me at butter. I wish I were joking, but I'm a glutton at heart.

I will confess that I'm a sufferer of desert-dry lips, which is worsened by harsh Ottawa winters and my adoration of matte lipsticks.
Nearly every review I read praised this as a 'must have'. Incredibly hydrating, while giving just enough tint. I had been swindled by tinted lip balms in the past (Too chalky, not enough tint, the list of grievances goes on), but I'm also easily swayed by positive reviews.

This had been on the top of my list for nearly a year, because it was damn near impossible to find! Sephora and most Shopper's Drug Mart locations seem to have wiped Korres off their shelves (Which is unfortunate, because I was also a big fan of their Wild Rose Face & Eye Serum).
Lucky for me, I went to Australia for 2 weeks and discovered it at a beauty-chain called Mecca.

I managed (after a good 10-minutes of indecisiveness) to settle on 'Quince'. And I'm happy I did.
It leaves a 'just-ate-a-popsicle' stain that I love. Just enough colour without feeling too heavy. It's actually the lightest-feeling lip balm I've ever worn, while still providing deep moisturization. And just as we all hoped, it goes on smooth as butter.
Just the right amount of colour & shine!

Sometimes I wish I had a sore throat so I can justify digging into this stash. I realize how sadistic that sounds, but my god, these are so addictive.

This flavour is also a Target exclusive, and unless you've been living under a rock, we Canadians are sadly Target-less (RIP, seriously I miss it so much).
I always try to keep a few in my purse, because after talking on the phone all day for work, I'm left a little parched. It's admittedly hard to keep these for their intended use, because they taste exactly like sour watermelon gummies, without the sour surge. There's also no disgusting menthol or eucalyptus taste because they're made of pectin!
Someone please hide these from me until I actually need them, or else I'll be booking a trip to the states just for these bad boys.

As mentioned previously, one of my beauty staples is my trusty brow gel. I have been both blessed and cursed with full, dark eyebrows. The twist is that due to my naturally wavy hair, my brows develop a slight curl to them. I've tried everything from hair spray, clear mascara, and high end tinted-brow gels to keep these suckers in line, but these caterpillars stay true to my rebel heart and do whatever they please.

NYX has become my budget-friendly brow bestie. I get fantastic, long-lasting hold, and the perfect amount of tint. I can wear this alone, or add brow powder to give more definition if I feel like being bold. The love for this product is so strong, I feel nearly naked without it.
Even better, it comes in 5 shades, which is practically unheard of for a drug-store brand (Oh, and it's under $10!!).

What were your beauty bag essentials for May? Are any of these products your favourite as well? Leave a comment!

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