A Song of Style: Defining Myself & Dancing Around Labels (With Spotify Playlist)

The hardest question I face as a style-blogger is when asked to define what my style is.
It may seem asinine, but the norm is to slap a label on yourself and stick to a niche. I realize that 3 months into the blogging game, I've kind of failed to formally introduce myself to you all. Aside from the little 'About Me' page I put together.

Lipstick: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Cruella', Sunglasses: Aldo
So what am I? Alternative? Pin-up? Pastel goth? Sea Punk? (Okay, I'm still a little lost on what this one is exactly...)
To be honest, I'm not sure either. Perhaps my uncertainty revolves around some past identity issues I struggled with in adolescence. All I ever wanted was to fit in, but was often brushed off as a 'poser' because I didn't fit the role. Maybe that's because I wore a highlighter pink top with fluro-fishnet sleeves, and 'Rebel' encrusted in rhinestones, but who cares if that wasn't 'punk enough'. I even remember interrogating my friends if they'd stay loyal to me if I 'went goth', like there was no turning back after applying black lipstick and forever changing my fate.

The same criticisms applied to my taste in music. I remember being mocked for liking 'emo' music in high school. And at times I'm still critiqued on my knowledge of rap music because I say it's a favourite genre of mine.

But this isn't my pity party.

My point is, you can be whatever the hell you feel like being. being My motto is always “If I like it, I'll wear it”. Same goes for music preferences.  I know it's hard to not care what others think, I'll happily admit that I get insecure and I'll be 26 soon. Do what makes you feel good, and that's all that matters.
Some days I embrace my femininity and don a cute sun-dress and pink lipstick and blast pop music. Other days I want to look more edgy, wear mostly black and rock out.

How cool is this pattern though?!
I guess that makes me a tad eclectic, and so be it. This outfit speaks to me on a bunch of levels. I feel feminine because my hair is curled and coiffed, I'm donning a classic red lip, and the dress hugs my curves. It makes me feel confident in my body, dare I even say it makes me feel beautiful. I also feel like a total bad-ass with my purple 'do, exposed skin clad with tattoos, and the metal details that literally hold the dress together.
Sunglasses: Aldo, Dress: Vintage from White Tiger Vintage, Shoes: Unknown (Bought in Europe)
Most importantly, I feel like me.

People always say, “Music speaks when words cannot”, so I put together a mix-tape of sorts to sum up my style. It's a combination of several influences; It's fun, it's fiery, and a little bit weird. And the same things could be said about me.

So for all of the outcasts out there who ever felt like they had to conform to a label to fit in, come dance with me.


  1. a) I love that dress
    b) I identify with this post on a spiritual level



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