Back To School Unboxing: 'Gear For Girls' value set

I've always felt that the new year always began September 1st, despite all the champagne-infused parties on January 1st that tell me otherwise. And that's all thanks to back-to-school season. It always signals a new beginning, albeit mostly geared towards students.

It's a tad embarrassing for me to admit my excitement for back to school shopping. Particularly because I've been done school now for about 5 years.
Maybe it's because all of my siblings still go back every September. Maybe I just really like stationary?
Something about new pens, notebooks and agendas get me all giddy.

Even better than stationary are the value boxes the drug-stores release, likely for students heading to the dorms. They're always filled with the essentials (soap, razors, deodorant, etc) so you can stock your bathroom vanity at a decent price.
I'm a sucker for a good deal, so when I saw this box at Shopper's Drug Mart, and it boasted a value over $64.00 for only $10.99? I nearly bought two. I may be settled in my home, with likely too many beauty-products already, but it can never hurt to have extra! (At that price? Come on, how could I not?!)

Backpack- Vintage, Gear For Girls Value Set- Shoppers Drug Mart, Shoes- Old Navy
Even though these boxes are typically gender specific, Shopper's also had a gender neutral option this year! Hooray for equality! I picked up the 'Gear for Girls' box this time because I saw a few items I specifically wanted to try.
Let's dig in and see what goodies hide inside!

Dove Go Fresh Rebalance Body Wash

As previously discussed, I love soap. I've used the Dove Go Fresh line in the past, and am quite fond of the creamy consistency and the variety of fragrances available. This is evidently a new scent, which is described as a 'harmonious scent of succulent plum and pure sakura blossom'. 

A lovely lavender-coloured lather.
The fragrance at first whiff is tangy and fruity. I have a feeling this will be quite invigorating, so I think I'll be reaching for this in the AM instead of the snooze button.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I've definitely used these before, and loved them. I tend to stay away from wipes because they usually irritate my face, or just instill laziness in me when I'm trying to stick with a regular skin-care routine. These are incredibly gentle on the skin, and do a great job of removing makeup. To save myself the tempattaion of relying on these instead of my actual cleanser, they are going straight into my gym bag. That way I can wipe myself down before and/or after a workout if I don't have time for a shower (Or if I forgot my towel, if we're being completely honest).

GUM Flossers & Ora-Clean Soft Toothbrush

If we're gonna keep being disgustingly honest with each other, I don't floss as often as I should (Sorry Mom). I know for a damn fact that I'm not the only one though!
These wands are so much more convenient for me, I figure if I keep these at my desk I'll be even more likely to use them (I work from home, so don't worry, I'm not going to casually start flossing in front of my coworkers).

The tooth brush I may or may not use, because my dentist usually gives me a free toothbrush after a check-up. We have company over fairly often though, and sometimes that includes overnight guests. So it's always nice to have a fresh, clean toothbrush available if anyone ever forgets theirs.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel

I'm not exactly sure what an 'Ocean Kiss' is supposed to smell like, but I'm positive this isn't it.
I'm not a fan of hand sanitzer, so I can't see myself using this.

Burt's Bees Wild Cherry Moisturizing Lip Balm

I clearly misread the label and assumed this was going to be tinted. I'm a tad disappointed that it isn't.
Nevertheless, Burt did a good job with this formula. It goes on smooth, and doesn't feel waxy or heavy. The scent is okay, it doesn't smell artificial but it's not my favourite.

Funny story, my friend's boyfriend accidentally bought the tinted kind once and didn't know until she pointed out his newfound ruby red lips. Perhaps I should've just traded with him...

Got2b Beach Trippin' Salt-Infusion Waving Spray

I have naturally wavy hair, and I've been fully embracing it all summer long like the mermaid I always aspire to be. The humidity makes it especially full and bouncy, but sometimes things don't always air dry in a way that I like.
Salt-infused hairsprays are my secret weapon for adding a bit more texture and control to my mane. This spray is one of the reasons I opted for the 'girl' version, due to the fact that they included a full-size 200mL bottle!
I appreciate the fact that it's a very mild fragrance, as I've had some previously that were quite heavily perfumed (and not in a good way). I even asked my partner to sniff this spray, and he said it simply smelled like sea salt.
Am I giving you mermaid hair envy yet? Also yes, I occasionally wear glasses.
This is the 3rd beach spray I've tried this summer, and it's already a close contender to my fave by Bumble & Bumble.
This gives a nice light-weight hold, & not too crunchy. Mermaid hair achieved! (And not just because it's purple).

Essence Lipstick in #64 'Flirty Pink' 

I was recently chatting with a fellow beauty addict friend that Essence is such an under-rated drug-store brand. It's super budget friendly, and the products are always fun-sized and adorably packaged. Some of my favourite beauty products are by Essence, so I was excited to see this hiding in the bottom of the box in hopes that it'd help give the brand some more recognition.
But this was disappointing.When I opened the tube I was a taken-aback by how glittery it is. I cringe at the thought of all the gritty glitter lipsticks and glosses I subjected myself to in the past. I just hate the look of shimmery lipstick because it brings back memories of bad nineties trends.
Counting the moments until I can wipe this pink mess off my face.
While the texture is fine and not grainy, I'm still not a fan of this colour at all. Too shiny, too sparkly, and smells way too much like heavily frosted vanilla cupcakes. Sorry Essence, I'll stick to your eye-shadows and brow pencils for now.

Playtex Sport Combo Pack

I think this was the one key product that helped define this as the 'girl set'. Pretty self-explanatory.
Going right into the gym bag, because you never know when you or another gal might need a spare!

Schick Quattro For Women Razor

Again, was it not abundantly clear this is the girl set? It is pink, afterall.
Sorry, I mean 'Raspberry Rain'. Oh, and it's scented? Why a razor needs to smell like fake raspberries is beyond me. But I won't complain because razors are ridiculously expensive, and this came with a free coupon. The key word to this set is 'value' and it's exemplified in this little wrapper.

Clean & Clear Advantage Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask

I love face masks. They not only calm my face down, but actually help me to de-stress. They're a big part of my self-care regime.
I actually let my partner be the first to test this out because of a breakout he was enduring over the weekend. He found it a tad drying, and he has oilier skin than I do. His claim was that he didn't see a difference, but I can tell you for sure that his pores did appear smaller, and the whiteheads that were forming did shrink a bit. Needless to say, I can't wait to try this on my T-Zone.
Very opaque, very creamy consistency (Excuse my hair-dye stained mani).

St.Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion Spray

I'm officially obsessed with this lotion. Anything that takes a menial routine and makes it more exciting is always good in my books. It is so incredibly fun and easy to use, and is way more hygenic than dipping your digits in a tub. A little goes quite a long way, so I can see this lasting me quite a while.
I find most body lotions err on the greasy side, but this feels light and fresh, just as the label promises.
Shea butter is easily one of my favourite scents, mixed with the oatmeal this just feels heavenly on my newly softened skin. It is a bit heavy at first, but fades into a lovely, comforting scent.

Nivea Lip Smoothie

The final lip product of the bunch, and this one might be my favourite of them all.
First of all, it's really pretty. I love the marbled effect of the product itself, and of course the delicate pink hues. 
Isn't it pretty?!
The 'Acai & Wild Apple' flavour tastes so yummy I might just lick it right off my lips!
It is a very moisturizing balm, so I feel like this will be best used after wearing a very drying matte lipstick.

Royale Facial Tissues

These are one of those products that you never think to buy, but are always put to good use when you have them on hand. My grandma always had these packets in her purse, so I am definitely doing the same because someone will always need a tissue. But I can absolutely confirm it will either be for my allergy symptoms, or a gum commercial that makes me cry.

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing On-The-Go Facial Wipe

I've never tried any of the 'Yes To Carrots' line of products, but have heard nothing but good things about them. This single wipe is packed with aloe and cucumbers (as if that wasn't obvious). There seem to be quite a few benefits to this product, being that it's 95% natural. This includes the fact that it's compostable!
Perfectly pocket-sized.
I have a long train ride to look forward to in a few weeks, so this will be great in my carry on for when I want to freshen up upon arrival.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your back-to-school essentials? Are you heading back in September? Tell me in a comment! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Ugh, I miss Shoppers so much!

    While there are some benefits to shopping here (Tax free? Yesplease.) they tend to stock more expensive brands to make up for it, which is a bummer.

    And while my need for most beauty supplies dwindles in the summertime (Because what's the point in wearing makeup when you need to reapply sunblock ever hour on the hour?) I go through massive amounts of UVA/UVB blockers. If only I could find a good one to protect my hair from sun damage, though! The bleach and dye are harsh enough, but when I put that mix into eight hours of sunshine I end up with dead dry hair, and a ton of breakage. Any tips for that?

    P.S. I love your shirt. <3 It's fab.

    1. Oh, I totally understand the dyed & dried out hair struggle! I try to avoid heat styling products in the summer as a general rule, and do a deep conditioning mask at least once every other week. My colourist used Olaplex on me when I got it dyed professionally, and they gave me a take home treatment. It's a bit pricy, I won't lie, but it's definitely worth it. Makes my hair feel like silk!!

      That, and the Garnier hair oil I mentioned in a previous post. That stuff works wonders!

      P.S. Thank yoooou! <3


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