Beauty Bag Besties: June & July

Summertime is not always a glamourous time. Frizzy hair, sunburns, dry patches, the list of less than desirable traits goes on. Lucky for me I have my summer arsenal of beauty products to keep me lookin' fine.

Now I'll have to note this solely to keep myself accountable for next time. These were (and frankly, still are) my favourites for the months of June AND July. My slacking has kind of paid off in that it gave us this condensed list, so without further ado... Here are my beauty bag besties!

As I've recently been reminded, my skin likes to let all hell break loose in the summer months. I normally have manageable combination skin, but suddenly it's lost all moisture. I'm partially to blame for allowing myself to get sunburnt twice already (Hello sunglasses tanline), but my face wouldn't stop peeling like old wallpaper.

I picked this little miracle-in-a-jar from a Sephora 100 points reward, and I'm so damn happy that I did. It has become my skin saviour. My face feels way more supple, and my skintone is looking more even. The description notes this is due to the ' Echinacea GreenEnvy' ingredient, which contains the highest level of cichoric acid.

I will note, it is a thick cream that can feel a tad heavy at first. I like to pat it into damp skin in the morning and let it sink in while my tea steeps. I'm a little wary of the price tag as I tend to be a bit more frugal when it comes to skin care. But given these results, I might just loosen my purse strings for the full size tub.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

In the warmer months I like to give my hair a much needed break from heat styling tools, and embrace my natural wavy texture. However, with higher temperatures often comes humidity, which tends to take me from tousled to terrible in an instant.

 I've experimented with oils of the Argan variety, but found that they just tend to weigh down my strands. So I figured picking up this Garnier serum would lead me down the same path (I had a BOGO coupon, and that is the sole reason I took a chance on this product, I kid you not).
Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! My thirsty hair has been quenched!

I really like that it’s a mixture of Moroccan Argan oil and apricot, so not only does it smell light and fresh, it feels light in my hair. Another great benefit is that it’s a clear oil, as I’ve had issues with darker oils causing brassiness on lightened hair.

My favourite way to use this is to take 1.5-2 pumps and spread it evenly through wet hair (not quite damp, but not soaking wet either). I comb it through, and twist my hair up in a microfiber towel for about half an hour to ensure it fully penetrates. After that, I simply take it out of the towel, add in a little surf spray and let it air dry. I find my waves become way more manageable this way. Its even great to use on dry hair after I straighten it with a flat-iron, to tame any flyaway frizz.

I may remember to slather on the SPF going forward, but I still paid the price and gave myself a red nose that Rudolph would have been envious of. Even on a good day, I have uneven red spots throughout my pink-toned complexion. I gave the colour-correcting trend a try and picked up this minty-green concealer.

It’s hard for me to believe that NYX is actually a drug-store brand, given the quality and pigmentation of their products. It does a wonderful job of concealing any redness, and blends out seamlessly.

I like to wear this with my Urban Decay Naked Skin liquid foundation over it. Sometimes I add my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer overtop if I feel I need a tad more coverage. It does not feel heavy or greasy either, which is a big reason I normally shy away from concealers in general. I’m actually highly debating picking up a shade in the non-colour correcting line because of this!

I'll preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of Bunny, and a proud member of her swamp family. I gave an alligator it's wings a few months ago when I hit that subscription button, and she has brought a smile to my face countless times. So when I heard she was getting her own collab with Tarte, I was over the moon excited!

Nails are Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in '090 - Captivate'
I prefer to buy eye-shadows in palettes rather than singles; It’s a better value in most cases, and takes out a lot of guess work in trying to figure out what shades work with one-another. Throw in a bronzer, blush and a highlight, and I'm practically throwing my money at it.

All of these shades play beautifully together. They are easy to blend given the creamy texture, and are richly pigmented. I reached for this palette nearly every time I put on makeup these past 2 months.
I'm partial to the last row of shadows ('Haunting', 'Uncommon' & 'Mancat') as the purple tones compliment my green eyes really well. But also I have a fondness for 'Dogman' & 'Sassy Bun' for when I'm seeking a rusty grunge look.

And can we talk about that highlight?! I might very well bathe myself in 'Gator Wings', it is such a beautiful golden shimmer.

ColourPop Cosmetics Matte X Lippie Stix in 'Cami'

I'm a big fan of lipsticks that don't budge, especially when I indulge in the delights of summer (Ice cream, BBQ, popsicles, etc). The sacrifice is that most of the lipsticks in this category tend to strip me of any remaining moisture in my lips.

I've had a few friends urge me to try out ColourPop for a while now. When I saw some YouTubers swatch 'Cami', I knew she had to be mine. At $5 US, I'm still amazed I didn't buy more (I really should, though).

The formula is so creamy and non-drying, which is practically unheard of in a matte finish if you ask me. I barely have to reapply either, even after eating (Just on the middle-inside part of the lips. Is there a technical term for this area? Someone please tell me they know what I'm talking about). The first day I got this, I wore it for 12 hours and I reapplied once.

The site classifies this as a 'neutral mauve pink', but I get more of a deep dusty rose vibe from this. Regardless, the shade has become my absolute favourite as it's so versatile. It's a great everyday colour, but it's also easy to vamp up with a smoky eye.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

If you're not using setting spray, who the hell are you?
In this heat?!
 In this humidity?!?
In this part of the country?!?!

Okay, maybe I'm being a tad harsh but...REALLY?!
 If you truly haven't felt the magic of the mist yet, this is a great product to start with.

I just ran out of this a week ago, and my heart still aches. I should have known better and just bought the full size, because I spray this stuff on like a heathen. Of course it's great for setting your face after all your makeup is on, but it's also a great primer. And I say this as someone who really loathes primers (They just feel gross on my skin).

I like to spray my face with this after moisturizing, before foundation. It really helps to keep things mattified, and gives me that extra assurance that my makeup won't be slipping or sliding once I step out into the sauna that is the outdoors lately.

Another great way to use this nectar of the gods is actually a tip I picked up from NikkieTutorials. Spray it on your cheekbones, and while it's still damp, apply your highlighter overtop. It gives your glow that extra oomph. You feel me?

What were your favourite products for June & July? Did any of these make your list? Leave me a comment, share your thoughts!


  1. The Boscia setting spray is also great! I picked it up near the register at a Sephora and I love it. It uses white charcoal as the main ingredient to mattify and feels really nice and it works well, imo - I haven't used any other one. It also wasn't super expensive...$15, I think! If the UD one isn't super expensive I'd like to give that a try some time to compare!

    1. I had no idea Boscia had a setting spray! I might try that next!
      The UD one is only $17 CAD for the 1oz bottle. You could try that one, and I'll try Boscia! :P


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