How To Make Your Bathroom a Happy Place

I am in the grieving process. I've lost a dear friend not too long ago, and I'm still sorting out in my mind just how I'm going to manage without them.

I've shared many memories, tears and glasses of wine with them. They were always there to wash away my troubles, and help me decompress after a long day. They were a dear friend to me for most of my life, whom I already miss quite dearly.

I'm speaking of course, about my bathtub.

....No, really.

When I looked for solitude it was always hiding in that gleaming white tub. Combined with my intense adoration for Lush products, we had a beautiful thing goin' on.
Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb was my jam
Long gone are my bath art days.
My partner & I moved to our new apartment in June, which we both love quite immensely. While we were searching for our new home, I was adamant that the new place had to have a tub. Yet here I am, settled in this apartment, sans bathtub.

The transition has been easy thus far (The lovely amount of natural light, the peaceful tenants, and the wonderful neighbourhood have helped to make us more comfortable). Though sometimes all I can think about is a long soak in the tub. Especially after sitting in front of a computer for 11 hours on certain days.

So to ease the pain, I continue to ensure my bathroom is my personal sanctuary. Everyone has a happy place, mine is without a doubt my bathroom. Just because I don't have a bathtub doesn't mean it can't be my personal spa anymore.

But what is a happy place without happy things? This means I always keep the shower stocked with products sure to make me smile. Here are some of my current faves:

Does anyone else get filled with immense joy when you wash your hair for the first time with a new shampoo and/or conditioner? Every time I pick these two up, I get an instant rush of happiness.
I tend to be very picky with my hair care products, because my hair is incredibly fickle.
My thirsty hair drinks this stuff up right up, as it's a very thick and creamy consistency. Yet it's not left feeling weighed down afterward.
My partner can be picky with scents, with coconut being his least favourite fragrance. However, this is a very mild scent that leaves both of us headache-free.
Because these products are free of sulphates, I can lather up

If you ever want to feel like a kid again, pick one of these up. These are just plain FUN! Who doesn't like brightly coloured, decadently scented, wiggly soap?!
My current stock is all scents that were either limited edition, or simply discontinued. That said, the Refresher jelly is nearly identical to Bouncy Bunny. Lemon oil instead of Brazillian orange oil is the only notable difference between the two, aside from the fact that one is shaped like a bunny (Mine is sadly missing it's ears now).

These are definitely my favourite Lush products, especially now that I can't indulge in my bath bomb obsession. Even though their shelf-life is about a year, I find I can make these last for quite a long time as it is. All I need is a little pinch, and I can get a big frothy, luscious lather every time. I've heard you can also freeze these and make them into a 'refreshing soap', but if we're being totally honest the idea of frozen goods near my 'goods' isn't so appealing to me.
A big thing I notice with soaps is that the scent doesn't linger once you leave the shower. These stick around all day, but not overwhelmingly so.

Did I mention how much fun they are?!?!

I should mention that I'm a bit of a soap hoarder. My reasoning is that fragrances speak to different moods for me. Certain scents I'll reach for on special occasions, others are more suited to every day.

Prince Charming is one that sweeps me off my feet every time. It's an infusion of pomegranate and vanilla, which to me smells like a decadent fruit-filled truffle. If you need further clarification as to why I snatched this up, it's bright pink.
I always reach for this when I need a pick-me-up. (Also known as any morning before 10am). There's something about sparkling pink bubbles that puts a smile on my face. If you do happen to have a bathtub (Lucky you), this happens to make a great bubble bath as well!

Forgive me, again this is another limited edition fragrance. The good news is, it's so popular they bring it back every Valentine's day. You can bet I'll be grabbing the 500ml bottle next time.

Before you cast me off as yet another beauty blogger hawking a scrub made of coffee-grounds, hear me out (Don't worry, I won't start trying to sell you detox tea either. I can promise you that much).
This stuff actually works.

A good friend of mine found this online through Instagram a year or so through their Frank Feedback page. The results seemed a bit too good to be true, but our intrigue led us both to the checkout page. Needless to say, the claims were true, and we're both are now Frank addicts who make regular orders! As she says, “Scrubbing is like religion”. Preach, sister!

I'm fairly certain this stuff is the OG of the coffee-scrub game. I can't speak for the others on the market as I haven't tried them, and quite honestly don't plan to.
The promises were that this scrub would help diminish cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, ingrowns and all the other 'unsightly' things we can be blessed with.
As the owner of some bright red stretch marks, they're not the worst thing in the world. I will rock them as I please because beauty standards are a joke anyway. Regardless, they can instil insecurity in me at times.

While no product on the market will erase these marks from my skin, I do notice that Frank helps to fade them and make them less noticeable. This scrub does a fantastic job of polishing away any dead or dry skin. If you have the same troubles with ingrown hairs as I do, this is definitely great to use after shaving/waxing/sugaring/etc. f I need a real good scrub-down, I tackle it with a polishing glove.
Exfoliating gloves can be found in just about any bath section, and they're usually under $5.00. Shop similar

Because it takes 10 minutes to apply & dry, I like to take this time to relax, indulge in the coffee-scent and prepare to have the soft skin that even a baby would be envious of.

Simon's Embroidered Bicycle Towel 
A nice set of towels may seem like a small thing, but they can really make a bathroom that much more luxurious. They're also a great way of reflecting your own personal style into another room of your home. My preferred colour scheme is yellow, grey and white. My partner actually found these adorable towels at Simon's, which coincidentally is opening up in Ottawa this week!
Simon's Yellow Thread Embroidered towel

Rug from Ikea, Polish is Essie 'Saturday Disco Fever'
How could I forget everyone's favourite spa ritual?! Sometimes a trip to the salon isn't always an option, whether that be due to inconvenience or lack of funds (pampering gets expensive!). Sometimes it's best to DIY!
My current favourite for my toes is 'Saturday Disco Fever' by Essie, which is a bright true orange shade. It really gives my pedi a punch of pigment, and makes wearing sandals that much more fun. I actually picked this up after getting a pedicure in a salon, so I can keep my tangerine toenails all summer long!

What are your favourite bath products? Are you a Lush fanatic too? What spots do you call your happy place? Let's talk in the comments!


  1. Do you have treaclemoon in Canada?? Kisses from Yvon

    1. No we don't, but I looked it up and Philosophy is very similar!

  2. The Lush jellies - I have one and I find it to be very wasteful, like tiny chunks fall out of my hand/off my scrubby before it even lathers up very well :( Any tips on that or do you have the same problem with the plain ones (not bunny-shaped)?

    1. I get that problem sometimes, too. Especially if I've had it for a while. I find if you really mash it into the loofah and then wet it a bit to create the lather first, it helps a fair bit.


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