Thrift-It Thursday; Stripes & Suede

I might be judged harshly for saying this, but so be it; I'm over summer.
I'm tired of under-boob sweat, sunburns and wedgies from too-short shorts. I know I shouldn't complain, because truly anything is better than winter (Especially if you live in Ottawa). I always long for summertime until it arrives, because in all honesty, my heart belongs to autumn.

It's still far too hot for layering & boots (my fall essentials), but I'm slowly easing my wardrobe into fall palettes and textures. The moment the Pumpkin Spice Latte makes it's comeback, I'm going full-force for fall.
In the meantime let's consider this pre-fall, shall we?

Top & Scissor Necklace: Forever 21, Skirt: Vintage, Heels: Old Navy
I picked this skirt up from my local Goodwill for a few reasons. Suede has been a huge trend for the majority of the year. I've been living for the 70s revival that we're currently seeing, and that's not just due to my classic rock obsession. Mind you, this styling goes especially well if you blast some CCR.
First off, I wanted brown suede skirt that wasn't a mini. Because being 5'8”,this length is cute until you bend over.

When I spotted this, I was smitten. Not a mini, but not quite a pencil length; just right! I especially love the thigh-baring slit. I'll take any chance I get to show off one of my favourite tattoos. I might play around with this a bit more by adding in some lace near the top of the opening  to not only add a touch more sex appeal, but to also save the seam from splitting. 

While I do often choose to wear this with a strappy tank top, I chose this cap-sleeve striped blouse from H&M as a fun alternative. I feel it makes it more of an everyday look, rather than a sexy 'going out' ensemble. This would make a great back-to-school outfit for those of you returning in September, or even a fun office look (Perhaps without as much thigh action, depending on your dress code).

I love a nude lipstick with this look, especially one with a terracotta tone.  It just speaks pure Seventies siren. My personal fave is 'Bleached' by Lime Crime, which I'm wearing above. I know some people have some strong opinions about that particular company, so 'Bumble' by Colour Pop is a solid dupe (and more than half the price). If you're more partial to the higher-end beauty aisle, Burberry Lip Velvet in 'Rosewood' is another similar shade, and it's in a lipstick formula rather than a liquid-to-matte.

I've put together 3 similar looks below, all at different price-points.

Where would you wear this look? Are you into the Seventies styling trend, what are your fave pieces? Share a comment below!

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