Anticipating Autumn; My Beauty & Accessories Picks For Fall

I cannot contain my excitement for fall any longer. I know we're still technically in summer but I'm completely over it. The pumpkin spice may have gotten to my head already, but I'm not sorry.

I've been slowly easing into autumn palettes for the past week, and have rounded up some pieces I adore for the upcoming season. From the top of my head to the tips of my nails, here's some of the things I'll be rocking this fall!

Starting off with lipstick, I'm craving a lot of deep reds, browns and terracotta nudes for fall. Coincidence that they're all shades of leaves that will soon be scattered on the ground?
These are some of the lippies I anticipate I'll be reaching for the most:

Clockwise from top: Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer in 'Off Duty',Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in 'Androgyny', NYX Intense Butter Gloss in 'Chocolate Crepe', Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick in 'Braised Maple'.
Top to bottom: Smashbox, Jeffree Star, Bite, NYX.

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick in 'Braised Maple' ($28 CAD)

This seemed super fitting for fall, but to be honest I love to wear this all year long. This was a part of a limited-edition maple-infused collection, that was only available in Canada (How appropriate). I'll be pretty bummed when I run out, because not only does it wear beautifully, it smells awesome. It reminds me of those super sweet maple sugar candies you can find at pretty much any souvenir shop in Ottawa (Or probably any major Canadian city, for that matter). This colour is no longer available, but their shade 'Maple' from the Amuse Bouche line is an exact dupe (I can't speak for the fragrance, though).

The colour itself is a deep rusty brick-red. It's very pigmented, and very flattering on my pale complexion. It is smooth as maple butter when applying, and has what I'd consider a demi-matte finish; Not shimmery or glossy, but not completely matte either.
I'm a huge fan of Bite's lipstick formula because of how hydrating they are. My lips actually feel nourished when wearing it, rather than dried out like some other matte creme formulas out there.
I find that the finish lasts most of the day, even after eating. If anything I'll only need to touch up the inside portions of my lips. Because it's a creme formula, it does transfer a fair bit, but still manages to leave a beautiful stain on the lips if it comes off.
Sometimes I apply this with my fingers for a lighter finish, which looks just as beautiful, but less bold as it would straight out of the tube.

I typically hate the look and feel of lip glosses. Too many bad sticky lip-gloss memories linger on after middle school, and I haven't been able to enjoy shiny lacquered lips since.
This mini was given to me by a friend, and I was skeptical to give it a try. I was happily surprised when I found the texture wasn't sticky at all, and the colour payoff wasn't totally sheer.

This is a terracotta nude shade. I really enjoy layering this gloss over the Be Legendary Lipstick shade 'Cognac', to give it more dimension, though the gloss is lovely on it's own (as pictured).
I love this gloss when I wear warm tones like mustard, burnt orange and brown. It pairs especially well with 60s-70s influenced pieces like my suede skirt, fringe vest, and obviously this hat.

The applicator is your standard doe-foot wand, but I find it is quite firm. I mean, I wouldn't want one too soft when it comes to this formula, because I do want more control. But it wouldn't hurt if it weren't as stiff.
Because it is a gloss, it isn't transfer proof, and I do find I have to reapply throughout the day. But it doesn't get clumpy or tacky when I do layer more on, which is nice.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in 'Chocolate Crepe' ($8 CAD)

My love for the Smashbox lip lacquer led me to try this popular gloss. I was swayed to buy this one after several recommendations from fellow beauty bloggers, due to the shine and pigmentation of these little tubes. I cannot sing the praises of NYX enough lately. Their products are always so comparable to higher-end brands, and always at half the price.

Chocolate crepe is a quintessential 90s brown lipstick shade. I can't help but want to blast some classic RnB when I wear it! I was always intimidated by brown tones, considering how pale I am, but I find this shade very easy to wear. The warm tone does help it to be more flattering, as well.
I really enjoy the texture of this gloss, because even though it feels a bit heavier, it still isn't sticky. My only qualm is that it can bleed a fair bit outside the lip line, but I find this can be easily solved by using some lip liner beforehand.
Again, it does transfer easily as it's a gloss. Quite honestly, I sometimes just line my lips with liner, apply this, and blot it heavily. The stain it leaves is obviously a lot less pigmented, but I do enjoy the shade nonetheless.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in 'Androgyny' ($18 US, $23 approx. CAD)

I absolutely adore Jeffree and his line of liquid lipsticks. This is hands down, my absolute favourite shade of his (Actually, it's my fave of any liquid lipstick I own!). It's so different from any other shade I've seen elsewhere, and the pure matte finish is stunning. He describes it as a 'plum mauve', but I find it has more grey-brown undertones on myself. However you wish to describe it, it's definitely a unique and sexy shade.

I covet these lipsticks because of how pigmented and long-lasting they are. The only time I need to reapply is after an especially greasy meal. Otherwise, this stuff stays on all day and night. You don't need a liner at all, the colour in the tube is exactly the colour you'll see on your lips. I hate playing guessing games with lipsticks and hoping for the best when I apply it, so for this reason alone I'm hooked.
I was also fortunate enough to grab this baby when it first came out in it's limited-edition white packaging, before it was brought back as a permanent shade. I'm embarrassingly proud of my super-quick online shopping abilities!

Butter London Nail Lacquer in 'British Racing Green' ($19 CAD)

Emerald green is one of my favourite colours for fall, but I always found it entered Halloween witch territory when it came to nail polish. Don't get me wrong, Halloween is the best holiday, but sometimes I want more classic & less costume when it comes to style.

I've been wanting to try Butter London polish for quite a while, and was swayed because the name of this polish reminded me of a Brian Fallon Song my partner and I love (D'aww). Not only that, but the shimmery reflects amidst the deep green hue had me swooning. It is quite elegant looking on, especially when shining in the sunlight. In regular light it looks almost black, which is pretty wicked.

First coat gave a great deal of pigmentation and opacity. I only needed two coats to get full, even coverage. I might experiment by using a matte topcoat next time to see how it affects the shimmer.

Wide Brim Hats (Similar Style From Forever 21, $29.90 CAD)

I've always loved topping off my look with a hat, and it's not cold out enough yet for a beanie. Call me basic, but I love a small brim fedora for fall. These add a 70s flair to any look. I like to pair mine with a graphic tee and some destructed denim for a casual look, but can easily dress up the look with a maxi skirt or dress.
If you want something less structured, a floppy felt hat is also a great way to transition from summer to fall. This taupe hat below from Forever 21 would look awesome with beachy waves and a loose knit sweater. Boho trends don't have to end when summer does!
Wool Floppy Hat ($29.90 CAD at Forever 21)

Velvet Accessories (H&M Choker, $5.99 CAD)

Texture play is one of the easiest things to play up this season. I've always loved the look and feel of velvet, but as an owner of 2 cats it's not the easiest fabric for me to wear. I prefer to keep it minimal, and this choker from H&M  is exactly what I've been craving. I love the simplicity of it, and the gold hardware adds that edge I'm always seeking.

If the 90s choker revival trend isn't your thing, you can still incorporate velvet into your wardrobe. A pair of velvet boots, or a even a backpack will still add that visual interest to your look and keep you on trend.
The Wishbone Collection, Vulcano Velvet Booties in Burgundy ($248 CAD at Browns Shoes)
Margot Velvet Mini Backpack in Black ($89 CAD at Nasty Gal)

What are your favourites for fall? Tell me in the comments!  

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