How to Bring Colour Into Your Wardrobe

Everyone has always told me that I'm so brave for embracing colour as much as I do. Quite honestly, it's always felt like second nature to me. Colour makes me feel alive, even on those yucky gray days we seem to be having lately. And when I do dress in this way, I always garner a positive response from people. Most often I hear, "Wow, I wish I could pull that off!"

Colour is your friend! It's not scary at all!

I find people are most afraid to amp up the colour when they're going to work. We're all so quick to reach for black dress pants and neutral tops.  But working in an office doesn't have to be drab & boring!

I had been searching for pink dress pants for ages, and I've fallen madly in love with this pair from Old Navy. I love the cropped ankle-length, especially as a transition out of the summer clothes we're all reluctant to put away.
The mid-rise is especially flattering for work. I find it keeps everything concealed, and makes it easier to tuck shirts in, if that's your thing. They're incredibly easy to pair with most tops, neutral or otherwise. I can see myself throwing on boots and sweaters with a collared shirt underneath to make this even more fall/winter appropriate. I find adding bright coloured pants and skirts to your look is an easy way change up your outfit. If pink isn't your cup of tea, try on trend tones like burgundy, mustard yellow or forest green.

Colour might make you act like a total ham. Maybe that's just me.

I chose this top for a couple reasons. It's 'neutral' enough  (It's actually blue & white pinstripes) that it would pair well with such a bold coloured bottom, without clashing. I love the peplum pleats and collar, as I find it helps polish the look. The nautical rope belt that's sewn into the top gives me major summer nostalgia and sailor pinup vibes, so I'm a huge fan. I topped it all off with my cheery yellow cardigan to keep in line with dress-code policy (The blouse is sleeveless).

Cardigan & Pants; Old Navy, Peplum Blouse; Winners, Shoes; Rocket Dog, Pins; Vintage
While the look is very vibrant and fun, I still feel mature and professional. I don't feel so proper that I couldn't take this look to the bar for after work cocktails (Which believe me, I totally did).
I feel happy, comfortable and fashionable all at the same time. And it's nice knowing that I can cheer up a whole office with a pair of pink pants. Who would have thought?!

My buddy Bronson is a natural in front of the camera.

Obviously this look may be a tad bit bold for some, and that's okay! The blouse is neutral and can easily be paired with a black or grey cardigan instead. The flair can also be ditched for a necklace or earrings if that's more your taste. I'm a big fan of adding pins to my outfits to personalize my look even more. You can mix and match them to add a bit of humour and quirkiness to whatever you wear, all while keeping the look professional looking.
Workin' It
Sleeveless Striped Top, 30 CAD / Yellow Cardigan, 25 CAD / Pink Pants 31.50 CAD / Black Strappy Shoes, 66 CAD / The Cambridge Satchel Company Holographic Bag, 205 CAD /  Rosehound Apparel Kissing Booth Lapel Pin 7 CAD / Big Bud Press Grapefruit brooch, 22 CAD / Laser Kitten Lipstick brooch, 16 CAD / Kat Von D lipstick in Mother, 26 CAD

Do you embrace colour in your wardrobe? What do you like to wear to work? Share your thoughts with a comment below. I love hearing your feedback, it helps to keep me motivated and get to know you all better! Post a link to your blog if you have one too, I love seeing who else is involved in the writing community!


  1. You are 100% my pop ya colour cutie for sure Tori! I always adore how much you rock so much rainbow rad, it never fails to make me smile or brighten my day :) It gets to me how the majority of people think boring is the way to dress for work. Life is too short for that, right? ;) Those pink pants are all the dreamy and I can imagine such a blast of happy for anyone lucky enough to cross your babin' sunshine self! I definitely agree, your outfit strikes just the right balance; it's fun and unique and cute whilst also being totally suitable and professional for the office. Hehe, what a cutie Bronson is too! <3

    I never used to embrace colour as much as I do now, it's only this past year or so that it's kind of happened naturally. I used to think all black and grey were exciting enough (I KNOW, what the HELL was I thinking) and black was my favourite colour to wear, but my blog had other ideas and I've suddenly got a surge for crushing on all the colours and wearing them too. Now I just don't feel right if it isn't bold or bright! It feels like "me" and through colour I feel I've definitely found my own style and vibe. At my last office job I incorporated several orange sundresses into my work wardrobe ;) :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Awe you are just the sweetest. I totally understand the all black and grey wardrobe, and quite honestly I still am like that some days. But I find when I dress in colour, I'm always happier!

      Thanks for the love!

  2. Gosh, I totally need to embrace colour into my own wardrobe. Especially my work one haha, grey is the general theme unfortunately. You look like an ethereal entity in these shots, literally almost popping off the page in those gorgeous sugary shades. Also your hair - holy wow I loveeee!

    // xx

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm glad to hear I've inspired another to embrace colour! You can always ease into it with colourful accessories or shoes, and go from there!

  3. This look is so awesome, we love pops of color and this outfit has it all! Your dog is also super cute, great post!

    ISA Professional

    1. Thank you so much! Life's more fun with colour, I like to think!

      I wish he were my dog! He's actually my best friend's brothers. Such a sweetheart, and a great model!


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