Summertime Sadness? Last Minute Things to Do Before Fall Begins!

I'm extremely excited for fall. But before I go into full-blown Pumpkin Spice mode, I'm determined to savour the last few seconds of summer. It's still too warm out for layering, I want to show off my pedicure, and I'm still enjoying the fact that I can air-dry my hair within an hour.
 Let's not forget that we have one more long-weekend to enjoy!

I've had the pleasure of hosting friends recently, and was able to enjoy some quintessential tourist fun with them in the capital city I call home. Funny how you don't think to do these things until friends/family come to town.
Since Labour Day weekend is only moments away, I decided to put together a list of some of my favourite things to do in Ottawa during the summer months, that you can still enjoy this weekend!
Keep in mind, these aren't all specific to Ottawa (We aren't the only city that has a beach, I'm sure). No matter where you are, I hope you enjoy the final moments of summer

Go To The Beach

Hopefully the sun shines just a bit longer so this can still be a feasible option this weekend. Some of us still need to Instagram ourselves on a novelty pool-floatie. I've had my eye on a donut inner tube for far too long.
One of my favourite perks of living in Ottawa is the number of beaches we have, and how accessible it is to get to them. One of my favourites is Mooney's Bay, which is only a 25 minute bus ride, or 30 minutes by bike, from downtown. You can find a full list of Ottawa's beaches here.

Alternatively, if you don't live in Ottawa or have a beach nearby, maybe a good friend (or even a neighbor) has a pool you can dive into! No matter what, make sure you spray on the SPF before you soak up the sun! I'm a big fan of the Sun Bum Original Spray Sunscreen. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin at all. If anything, it feels moisturizing because of the added vitamin E. And it's waterproof!

Check Out the Light Show on Parliament

This is an absolute must-see if you're visiting Ottawa. It's not only beautiful, it's educational too!
Northern Lights is a sound and light show projected on the Parliament building every night in the summer months. It does a wonderful job of depicting important moments in Canadian history, and will make you feel extremely proud of our heritage. It's a very inspiring show, even if you're not a big history buff.
Now that August has ended, the show starts at 9pm. It's only on until September 10th, so make sure you check it out before it's too late (And get there early so you can grab a good spot on the great lawn).

Enjoy a Drink On The Patio

Guess which drink is mine...
Sometimes all you need is a comfy seat, a good beer and some good company. Luckily, Ottawa has some great spots around town to meet all three of these requirements, all you need to do is bring some friends along with you!

Some of my favourite spots in town for a pint are:
 -The 3 Brewers on Sparks (as seen above). Great microbrewery pub where you can sip on craft brews made in house. Each location has their own unique 'Neighborhood' brew
 -The Lieutenants Pump on Bank. Quite honestly, one of my favourite spots in town, whether it's on the patio or inside. They serve an Earl Grey Marmalade Saison that is just perfect.
- Bite Burger House on Murray. Aside from their phenomenal drink menu (The house sangria is phenomenal) the burgers here are SO good, I can't even begin to put it into words.
-Pub Italia on Preston. I can guarantee they have a beer for anyone and everyone, with their extensive 'Beer Bible'. It's a very unique and fun atmosphere in the heart of Little Italy.

I'm partial to a roof-top patio especially on a sunny afternoon.  If you like your drink with a view, there's The Cross on Elgin, El Furniture Warehouse on Clarence, Sens House on York, and Bazille inide Nordstrom at the Rideau Centre.

The Cross on Elgin has a great view, made cozy with these delicate string lights across the patio.

The Pink Lemonade at El Furniture Warehouse is the ultimate summer cocktail. Who doesn't like a neon pink drink?!

Try On Some Colour

This isn't necessarily a summer-specific thing, but I find most people are less afraid of colour this time of year. Something about bright hues goes hand in hand with summertime.
If you haven't played around with colour yet this season, now is the time to try! Rather than buy a new pair of shorts or sandals, why not amp up your beauty routine?

 I find the easiest way is to switch up your mani/pedi with something bold and bright. I really like 'Shake Your $$ Maker' by Essie. It's a fun kelly green, like a freshly mowed lawn or the mint in your mojito. 'Mezmerised' is a true royal blue, which looks great on every skin tone, if you ask me.

Another great way to try out a new summer shade is with lipstick. Orange lipstick is surprisingly easy (and fun!) to wear. This NYX Butter Lipstick in 'Hot Tamale' is creamy and comfortable on the lips, and has a great punchy pigment.
My current summer fave for the lips is Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in 'Watermelon Soda'. It's a great neon coral-pink, and it smells like watermelon candy. It's limited edition, but I heard the summer collection is going on sale this weekend!

For the very bold, an electric eye-liner is a great way to play with colour. I love a colourful waterline with an otherwise neutral eye, and this Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in 'Tu-Tu-Tourquoise' fits the bill.
Alternatively, you can switch out your blush for something unexpected like this bright lavender one, appropriately named 'Shameless' by Marc Jacobs. It's especially flattering on those with pale skin, like myself who barely got a tan this year.

Eat Ice Cream (Lots of It)

In case you needed one last reason to treat yo'self this weekend. As you can see, I'm a big fan of the cold stuff. And Ottawa has plenty of options to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Cone, cup, milkshake,  or sandwich; Whichever you prefer, we've got it!

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a classic swirl cone. The best in the city is a tie between Lois & Frima's in the Byward Market, and The Beach Shack in Mooney's Bay (Right on the beach!).
If you like soft-serve but are looking for other flavours, Sweet Jesus just recently came to Ottawa and blessed us with their insane menu of crazy cones. I'm dying to try Krusty The Kone for myself; it's rolled in cotton candy!
A photo posted by Sweet Jesus (@sweetjesus) on

 Holland's Cake & Shake does a different home-made soft-serve every weekend, made of in-season fresh fruit. This weekend is concord grape, according to their Instagram. Alternatively, you can also get any of their cakes made into a milkshake!

For the vegans (Or those looking to taste test something innovative and different), Moo Shu Ice Cream is a new shop that specializes in small-batch rotating flavours, and ice cream truffles. With flavours like black sesame and vegan turmeric spice, it's definitely unique. Apparently they've become so popular, they ran out of ice cream previously! So make sure you go early before you miss out!

What are you all up to this weekend? Any exciting plans? What was your favourite thing to do this summer? Let's talk some more below in the comments section (Leave me your URL if you're a blogger too, so I can catch up with you!).
Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to Starbucks for my first PSL of the year. But perhaps I'll make it an iced version. It is still summer, afterall!

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