My IMATS Experience; First Thoughts & What I Bought

IMATS weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, and I've got the credit card bills to prove it.

Not only was it my first time at IMATS Toronto, I've actually never been to any beauty convention before, so I thought this would be a great one to start off with. Even though it was crazy busy at times, I had a great time and picked up a bunch of stuff I've been wanting for a while!
What I Bought
My IMATS haul!
My first stop was Lime Crime, one of my favourite beauty brands out right now. I've purchased their Velvetine liquid lipsticks before and love the pigmentation. Though I predominantly buy their stuff online, I much prefer to swatch products before buying them. Just to make sure the colour is what I want.
I spent a lot of time browsing their lipsticks because I always find it hard to gauge what colours will look best on me based on what I see online. I wanted to buy a whole bunch, but I figured I can always get others at a later date.
I was told the entire line will be at all Urban Outfitters locations starting next month, which is SO exciting!!

The booth, featuring many swatches on my hand

I picked up 2 lipsticks; 'Beet It', which is (you guessed it) a beet red, as well as one of the new metallic Velvetines in 'Mercury', a shimmery silver-lavender.

Mercury & Beet It Velvetines
 I also scored one of their new Super Foils in the shade I wanted, 'Electric/Barbarella'. Note that I only swatched them dry below. Later on I swatched them wet off camera (Sorry!) and OMG are they ever shiny!

I know some people in line were a little ticked off that they didn't have all of their new product, but I was more than satisfied with the selection. These items were all $20 each, but I didn't realize 'til after that this was actually in US dollars. A little unfortunate but apparently this is common at IMATS. Something to keep in mind if you ever plan on attending.

Can we also talk about how friggin' adorable their shopping bags were?!?

My next stop was NYX. This was a fairly short line, I only waited about 20 minutes! I unfortunately wasn't able to get everything on my list here, which is kind of a bummer but I figure I can just pick-up the other items I want at the NYX store in Ottawa'a Rideau centre.
The seemingly endless selection of brushes at NYX

I picked up the Lip Lingerie shade in 'Embellishment', exactly what I was looking for! I was tempted to grab a few more shades, but I thought I'd just try one for now to make sure I like the formula. I also felt a little bold and reached for the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in 'Stone Fox'. I love a bold lip but don't feel brave enough try black, so I thought this would be a good shade to ease into goth territory.
I also grabbed a Vivid Brights eyeliner in 'Vivid Blossom', a pretty lilac shade. I don't play around with eyeliner very often, but I felt this shade would be complimentary to a number of shadows I already own.

L to R: 'Vivid Blossom' Vivid Brights Eyeliner, 'Embellishment' Lip Lingerie, 'Stone Fox' Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

The last item was a Pro Dual Fiber Precision Brush. I love this brush so much already, I might go back and buy more from their brush line. It's that good.
Need more ASAP.

I then I hit up Velour Lashes. As mentioned in a previous post, my knowledge of the false eyelash world was severely lacking. The only time I ever wore falsies were in hair shows I did in the past, and those were usually very avant garde, heavy sets.

Needless to say, I'm really, really glad I stopped by this booth because not only was their selection endless, they were all extremely knowledgeable and helpful! I wanted to start off with a simple set; something to add a little bit more to my regular lashes.

'Got it From my Mama'
'Extra Oomph'
  What I especially loved was that they were offering free lash applications with purchase. Obviously I jumped at the chance! They showed me how to trim them to fit my lid, and how to apply them.
With the suggestion of the representatives, I bought 'Got it From My Mama' and 'Extra Oomph', both from the mink line. I also grabbed their Lash Stick glue and Two Easy Lash Applicator. I'm already in love with how they look and feel; so lightweight and luxurious!  I'd definitely recommend this brand to any newbie, or lash enthusiast out there!

Before and after applying 'Got it From My Mama'. What a difference!
I was very dead set on getting a new set of brushes, but since the Morphe line was hours long I hopped over to the Royal & Langnickel booth. Their selection was massive, and it was all incredibly affordable. I hadn't done as much research on these brushes as I had with Morphe, so I just grabbed one of their sets from their 'Love Is..." line. I fell in love with the style of these brushes, the colours made my inner mermaid squeal with delight!

I know. I KNOW. Too gorgeous for words.
 For $30 with the brush roll included, I was pretty impressed. The bristles are the perfect density, and they're suuuper soft. I'm very excited to start using these and displaying them on my vanity!
Seriously obsessed.
The last two items were from a booth which I unfortunately don't recall the name of (Sorry!). I've been lusting after Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes for what feels like forever, so I jumped at the chance to take some home. After much deliberation, and many swatches, I settled on 'Dirty Rich', a lovely nude, and 'What's a Budget', a seafoam blue (I may have solely picked this one up based on the name alone. It's just too good).

Overall Thoughts

I'm satisfied with the experience as a whole, especially considering it was my first time. I do hope to attend next year, but maybe then I can bring a couple friends along with me. I was a tad lonely in those long lines! I was a little disappointed I didn't see any familiar faces from the blogging community, so I'm sorry if I missed you!
My only complaints were the following:

-The Morphe line was almost 2 hours long, which quite frankly is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I figure I can buy from them online whenever, and I can use an affiliate code from Manny MUA or some other beauty blogger.

-Kat Von D's line was also excessively long, and they didn't have the Metal Matte palette for sale (Yet it was on display in their booth...). There was no mention of it on their menu, and the representatives didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked about it.
They also had a super cool Liquid Lipstick Throne that would've been a fun photo op, but again, long lineup.
How friggin' badass is this?!
-There was no makeup remover to be found. Which is strange to me, considering how many testers were out at the booths. My hands were pretty stained by the end of it. So. Much. Swatching.
Luckily Clinique was handing out free samples of their Take The Day Off wipes, so that was nice!

-A lot of booths charged in US dollars if you paid with credit. So what may have seemed like a good deal, wasn't actually because the conversion rate is god awful right now.

Obviously some of these issues could have been avoided if I had gotten there earlier. But lesson learned; I'll bring my own makeup remover wipes, snacks and more cash next time.

Did you attened IMATS Toronto this year. What did you buy? Was it a good experience for you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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