Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

Go figure that the day I run out of foundation, the new Urban Decay foundation was released!
I've been an avid user of the Naked Skin foundation by the same company, for the summer months. I don't like heavy foundations in hot weather because...Does this really need elaboration?

Now that things have cooled off, and I'm no longer living in fear that my makeup will melt off my face, I decided to take this new product for a test drive. The promise of weightless, full coverage had me intrigued, even though I had heard several mixed reviews. But when the Sephora employee I spoke to  said "If you like Naked Skin, this formula will BLOW YOUR MIND.", I had to try it for myself.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation - $49 CAD

First things first, the packaging is on point! I love the cut-out details on the bottle, it's a major difference from the simplistic design of the Naked Skin bottle. This was definitely a selling point for me, and I can imagine it will be for others who love to display their beauty products on their vanity.

There are a lot of similarities to the Naked Skin formula in terms of packaging. Both are the same size (1 oz/ 30mL), and have the same pump top.
Aside from the formula itself, the only other difference between All Nighter and Naked Skin is that you don't need to shake the bottle each time you use it. I wish I could say my arms benefited somehow from all the shaking I did previously, but I can't support that claim (Probably the reason why the shake weight was a flop).

The Urban Decay site describes this as 'full coverage with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone'. My mind instantly thinks 'cakey' when I see 'full coverage' so I did have my hesitations. I usually stick to tinted moisturizers or light-medium foundations, maybe concealer at times if I feel like it.
I picked up shade 1.0, which is the same shade I used with Naked Skin. It is a 'fair bisque with a soft warm undertone'.

This formula is A LOT thicker than Naked Skin, which had more of a watery consistency. It is very opaque, which I expected, given that it is a full coverage foundation. That said, it didn't feel heavy like some other full coverage foundations on the market. In fact, I barely felt it. But that's about the last positive thing I have to say about this product.
Even just as a swatch you can tell this is a very full coverage foundation.
In case you weren't already aware, I should mention that my skin is combination. I'm most oily on my forehead, nose, and sometimes my chin (More often than not, this spot is usually dry). My cheeks go between normal and dry, depending on the week.

At first I tried this without primer (I loathe primers. I really don't like the silicone texture on my skin, and it just adds to an overall heavy feeling that I can't stand), and I found that it applied patchy. It stuck to any dry areas I had, giving a cakey look. After wearing for a few hours, the oil on my nose caused the foundation to breakup and virtually disappear. It sunk into fine lines I didn't even know I had (That was a rude awakening, to say the least). Overall, it was not a nice look.

I blended out the swatch  on the right, but you can see the how patchy the application is.
I hastily tried again with the Make Up Forever  Step 1 Equalizer Primer (Which actually feels lovely and lightweight on the skin!).  Unfortunately the results were about the same, if not worse. The foundation broke up and gave my skin an appearance that can only be compared to as lizard scales.

Worst of all, this stuff oxidises like crazy. At least 2 shades darker than normal. I was afraid of this the most, and I should have trusted the other reviewers out there on this one. I was the girl we all cringe at, where her chest and arms don't match her face and neck. Eek!

I really, really wanted to love this foundation but I just don't. I can't even recommend this to someone with a different skin type as me, because your results will likely be similar, or worse. Even if your skin is normal I can't say this would be worth it, because of the oxidization.

I guess with all of this in mind,  I'll strip back down to my Naked Skin!

Have you tried this foundation? Are you a fan, or was it a flop for you as well? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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