Beauty Bag Besties: October

October was a busy month, but a great one at that! I spent some time back in my hometown of Waterloo, I turned 26, and had several Halloween celebrations!
Oh, and I sprained my ankle on a trampoline. That was fun...

Regardless, October is still my favourite time of year! Of course this month I gained some new fave beauty products, so I had to share them with you!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

$20 CAD for 50mL, or $47 CAD for 150mL at Sephora

This was my birthday gift from Sephora this year. Happy birthday to me, indeed! I'm so amazed by this product, and I've only had it for about 2 weeks now. Within just 2 uses I noticed a change in my skin's appearance. I know that may seem absurd, but my no other product has truly balanced my combo skin like this cleanser has.
While I'm not a huge fan of the fragrance, everything else about this is fantastic. The gel-cream hybrid formula lathers up nicely without totally stripping my skin of its moisture.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

$7.77 CAD at Wal-Mart
I'm not sure how, but I forgot to pack moisturizer when I went home to Waterloo for 4 weeks. I grabbed this in a pinch, solely because, A) it was on sale, B) I was on a budget, C) My skin was not happy after 10 hours of traveling.

My expectations were kept fairly low, as I haven't used Clean & Clear products since my high school days. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing this feels when I put it on in the morning!
It gives a slightly tingly sensation, almost as if I've splashed cold water on my face. The scent is light, fresh and invigorating. Not only does it help jump start my morning routine, it leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated.
While I usually skip primers, I do like how smooth my foundation goes on when I use this moisturizer beforehand. All around, this is a great, budget-friendly lotion!

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation

$52 CAD at Make Up For Ever
After being totally letdown by the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, I was on the hunt for a medium-to-full coverage foundation that wouldn't disappoint.
I had gotten a sample of this from Sephora previously, and while I liked the formula, the colour wasn't a good match. There were quite a few shades to choose from, which is always a plus when picking out foundation. I ended up taking home shade 'R230', and I'm pleased to announce we're quite happy together!

I prefer to buff this on with my 'beauty blender' (it's a knock off, I should note), but it also applies beautifully with a brush. No matter how I apply this, it glides on like butter and blends like a dream!

Even though this is a technically a fuller coverage foundation, I still find it's quite buildable. I can truly tailor the amount of coverage I'm looking for. Whether I put on a lot or a little, it feels like nothing at all! I love how this looks and feels on my skin.
I dread the feeling of cakey, heavy makeup and this is far from that. Even if I layer concealer over top (Which I seldom do, because of how well this evens my skin tone), I don't ever feel like I'm donning a mask.

Benefit Gimme Brow in 'Deep'

$30 CAD at Sephora
I am so over the moon for Benefits newly revamped line of brow products. The packaging is just too gorgeous for words! 
This was my go-to brow product for years, and even though I love the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara for it's budget-friendly price point, it just doesn't compare to Gimme Brow.

The brush is small but mighty. It gives me way more control as to how much is being applied to certain areas. I have some sparse areas in my arches, and this really helps to thicken up those areas without globbing it on.

From Left: Before, during and after. Ta-da!
The definition it gives to the start of my brow is what makes this worth the price. Sometimes I want a more polished appearance, other days I just swipe on a little to keep that natural 'bushy' look. It always gives me what I want!

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

$28 CAD at Sephora
I feel like I fall in love with a different mascara every month. Nevertheless, I'm smitten with this tube for the moment. 
Big bristle brushes are my usual preference, but the slightly tapered end of this mascara really makes the difference for me. The lashes on my inner corners are often missed with other wands on the first application, and results in a clumpy mess or a poke in the eye during round two. Can't say I'm a big fan of either, to be honest.
From Left: Bare lashes, 1 coat, and 2 coats + 1 coat on bottom lashes. How eye-opening!
This wand really gets in those difficult areas and distributes an even amount to all my lashes. It fans them out beautifully and pumps up the volume at the roots, where I want it most.
The fact that it can give the same great definition on my bottom lashes, too!? Now that's a winner in my books!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 'ZZ'

$21 CAD at Sephora
This shade has become my staple 'neutral' when I'm not feeling a nude shade. You're probably thinking “How is purple a neutral, Tori?”
Well, when you have bright purple hair... This is as neutral as it gets! Hear me out!

Urban Decay describes this as a 'soft pink-purple', which is pretty accurate. I actually consider it a muted lilac, which I find pairs well with a wide variety of looks. It's light enough that it compliments a deep, smokey eye, but also highly pigmented so it can stand alone as a bold lip.

And that's why I consider it a neutral!

While it's an incredibly versatile colour, the formula is also something worth praising. The cream finish is exactly that; incredibly creamy. It almost melts onto my lips! It barely budges throughout the day, and has a lovely moisturizing effect from the blend of super hydrating ingredients.
Even if this shade isn't your cup of tea, there's 99 other colours to choose from! I guarantee you'll find your 'neutral' in that list somewhere!

Lime Crime Matte Velvetine Lipstick in 'Beet It'

$26.78 CAD at Lime Crime
My quest to find a perfect merlot matte ended here with this lipstick. When I'm not wearing 'ZZ', it's been this all month long. I'm SO glad I picked this up atIMATs; I only regret not buying a second for when it runs out!

I've found other deep burgundy shades run too brown, or just too dark in general. 'Beet It' has more of a berry tone, but it's still my perfect every-day, vampy lip shade.
I've mentioned before that I love the Velvetine formula, and this is no exception. There's always a great punch of pigmentation, and a long-lasting finish. Keep up the great work, Lime Crime!

What were your fave beauty products in October? What is your go-to 'neutral' lip colour? Tell me in the comments, I always love hearing what you have to say! Share your blog URL if you have one, so I can keep up with you too!

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