Changing Of The Seasons; How to Flip Your Wardrobe & De-Clutter Your Closet

Normally I aim to have my fall/winter stuff out before the first snowfall. This year, the frozen forecast was my motivator. Mother Nature was pretty much saying, "You've waited long enough. Do it, or freeze. Your call,"

You win this time, girl.

I tend to rotate my closet twice a year, because A) I own too much clothing and B) not enough closet space. This gives me a chance to go through literally everything before stowing it away for the next season, or putting it on heavy rotation.

Clear out the current closet situation Everything ends up on the floor (Note: sweep beforehand. Unless of course you enjoy dust and cat hair adornments). Whether you neatly arrange it all, or pile it haphazardly like I did, is up to you.

Now, rather than simply shoving everything away in a box, I've developed a method that I found works quite well for me.

If I'm not sure about an item, I always try it on. For this reason, I usually wear sweats or loose jeans and a tee shirt when I take on this task. Something easy to slip on and off in case I need to try something on.

Next come a set of questions I ask myself:

When was the last time you wore it?
Does it fit?
Will I wear this again?

I get attached to things quite easily, so it's can be hard to let go of things. I'm also the queen of making excuses.
I've learned that if it wasn't worn all summer because it pinches, chances are I won't wear it again. 'Maybe if I lose weight' comes up sometimes, but I try to think objectively in these cases. 'If I lost the weight, would I really want to wear this?' is usually the follow-up question.

If it passes this round, it goes in the storage box. If not, it goes into two piles, which I'll go into more detail about in a moment.

Once I clear out the old seasons, I do the same with the items I'm stocking the closet back up with. Even if I did the process of elimination with these last year, it's good to make sure things still fit and are things you'll actually wear.

The finished product! A well organized (tiny) closet)
Blouses go on hangers to keep from wrinkling. I also keep my blazers, jackets and some long cardigans hung up. Skirts and some bottoms get clipped up on pants hangers.
I try to keep some dresses hung up if I know I'll be wearing them regularly. Otherwise I keep some folded in a drawer. I intend to get a rolling rack to hang some more stuff soon!
I like to keep my sweaters, tees, tanks and pants folded in a wire rack because I don't have a lot of hanging space You can also use a dresser if you have one, or under the bed storage, depending on your preference.
Other key tips for organizing the closet:
-Always have basics on hand: Plain tees, tanks & cardigans can be worn year-round.
-Keep a few off-season things out: Who's to say you can't wear your fave sun dress, or shorts in the winter? Invest in some thick tights & a chunky sweater and you're golden!
-Apply these rules to your underwear drawer: You can probably put away those bandeaus for the winter.  And seriously, it's time to let go of any pairs with holes in them. Maybe keep one bathing suit out, in case you have a vacation coming up or have access to an indoor pool (In both cases, I'm very jealous).

What to do with all the discards?
I divide these up into two piles. One to donate, one to sell.

Determining if an item is sellable can be tricky, especially when deciding how you're going to sell it. The first step is  to make sure it's in sellable condition. If you wouldn't buy it in it's current state, chances are others won't either.

I usually look for consignment stores in my area. That way I get a percentage of the profit when they make a sale off of what I bring in.
Always check to see what they're currently looking to stock before bringing things in. Most will have a list of accepted brands, so if you know a certain label isn't on their list, it's not worth bringing in.
Make an appointment; some shops have designated times to look over your loot. There isn't always someone on hand to approve things, so it's always a good call to phone or email ahead of time.

Another option is to sell through an online market like Depop, Carousel, Kijiji or Bunz. Take the time to measure the items and take good photos if this is the route you go with! People can't try these on, so it's important to give them a clear idea of what you're selling.

If you've deemed you can't make a profit off of it, but it's still in decent shape, donate it! This could be to a thrift store, a mission, a charity or even a local shelter. There's always people in need, and it's worthwhile to give back to your community.

Something I cannot stress enough for either option is this: If it's pilling, stained, ripped or straight up smelly, throw it out!

I hope these tips help to reorganize your wardrobes like it did mine! Now I'm ready for the winter. Well, as ready as I can be to face another Ottawa winter. Is anyone else already sick of the snow?

What are your tips for closet organization? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and always appreciate feedback. Do you want more tips & tricks posts like these? Please let me know in the comments below!

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