Moisturizing Must-Haves For The Winter Months

Being Canadian, there are certain things you can't avoid, and winter is one of them. It's the season I've been dreading the most. As soon as the snow fell my heart sank a little bit, because I know what I'm in for; Dry skin.
Now that I live in Ottawa, which is well known for having some pretty chilly weather, I'm loading up on moisturizers of all varieties to protect myself against the cruel forecasts ahead.

For my face, I reach for Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Funny enough, I've had it in my bathroom cabinet all year long, but was reminded by a fellow blogger of it's benefits (Shout-out to Kelly of Toast & Tea)!

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion- $13.49 CAD at
While it's nothing fancy, it gives me a great dose of moisture that my skin so badly needs this time of year. I love it because it soaks into my skin quite nicely and it doesn't block my pores. This is especially important for me because of how oily my t-zone can get. It is very lightweight on the face, and the wallet too!

If I feel like I need more hydration than this can give me, I go for a deep moisturizing mask. Lately I've been loving the Fresh Rose Face Mask. The gel formula is a great consistency for the cold months, as I find it's a bit heavier than what a sheet mask can provide.

Fresh Rose Face Mask- $75 CAD at Sephora
I love how gentle it is, and how supple it makes my skin feel afterwards. I do this at least once a week, sometimes twice if the weather has been especially unkind. It's my 10 minute miracle maker!

Matte lipsticks are gorgeous for the holiday season, but they tend to wreak havoc on my lips at this time of year. I like to tackle this problem with a two -step process I found works especially well for me. First I scrub away the dead skin with a lip scrub. The Lush Lip Scrubs have my heart, forever and always, because not only do they taste incredible, they get the job done damn well!

Bite Agave Lip Mask- $30 CAD at Sephora , and Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub-$10.95 at Lush 
Once I've flaked off what I can, I lay on the Bite Agave Lip Mask. I don't like to wear this all day, just because of how heavy and sticky it is. I prefer to use it as a treatment mask, specifically when I shower. Something about the heat and humidity just helps to seal in the moisture and restore my lips to a baby soft state. Believe me when I say I've tried just about every lip balm on the market; this stuff is my holy grail lip saviour! Nothing else makes my lips feel as hydrated and truly revived.

If I don't protect my hands from the cold, I'm faced with painful dry & cracked knuckles (Which can bleed, in some cases). I like to prevent things from getting to this uncomfortable state by applying hand crème liberally. I say crème instead of a lotion because I need a heavier consistency to really lock-in the moisture.

My personal favourite is the Avène Cold Cream, which is actually something my partner got me hooked on (Who subsequently just used up our last tube before I wrote this and had a chance to photograph it!!).
 While it is a much heavier hand cream than others I've tried, it really deeply penetrates to rescue my thirsty skin. I know some may be wary of this because in most cases with hand cream, heavy = greasy, but I don't find that to be the case with this! It almost feels like I've slipped on a pair of decadent, silk gloves after applying this.

If my other limbs need TLC, I always keep a tub of Body Butter from The Body Shop on hand. It's a rich, decadently scented cream that melts into the skin.

Vineyard Peach Body Butter - $21 CAD at The Body Shop
I won't lie, it does have a bit of a greasy feeling to it after application. That said, I really like slathering this on after a shower while I'm still a bit damp, or right before I go to bed. Anytime when I can really let it sink in is preferred. Plus there are so many 'flavours' to choose from! I am obsessed with the Vineyard Peach scent, it is just so delicious I could eat it (But you know... don't eat it).

Lastly, and most important, I try to drink lots and lots of water! This may seem obvious, but if you keep your body hydrated, it will improve your skin better and faster than any out there product can. If you need to build the habit, try getting a water bottle you'll enjoy toting around and drinking out of! Treat it like you would any other accessory, and find one that suits your personal style.

How do you fight winter dryness? What are your favourite products for winter? I'd love to hear your recommendations and thoughts, your opinions are SO important to me! Share a comment below, and we'll chat!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

    I'll need to try that Avene hand cream. I usually use The Body Shop Hemp hand protector but I really don't like the smell. It's the best though! Another good one is Crabtree and Evelyn gardeners hand therapy. It smells nice, too! I need all the help I can get because my hands get dry and cracked so easily!

    Thanks for the good recommendations!

    1. Anytime, love! Thanks for reading!

      I feel the EXACT same way about the Hemp line. I can't stand the scent, it's way too strong for my liking. That said, I know their almond hand cream is just as good, and nicer on the nose for that matter!


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