Recap of the Ottawa Antique Market & Vintage Clothing Show!

I've always been an avid vintage shopper, but I feel as though my antique hunting skills have flourished since moving to Ottawa.  By no means am I a seasoned expert, but I now have a better understanding and appreciation for vintage wares.

I'm incredibly thankful for the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, because it was the first event I attended on my own when I moved to this wonderful city. I met so many lovely, enthusiastic vendors and patrons and truly felt welcomed into the community. I now mark my calendars months in advance for the show, as well as the Ottawa Vintage & Antique Market.
My most coveted pieces are from these shows, and I proudly display them in my home, or on myself when the occasion strikes.

Since these events have brought so much joy to my life (and my wardrobe, for that matter), I wanted to share my photos of the most recent events I attended on October 22nd and November 6th!
I won't be sharing my purchases this time because they're intended for my wedding, and I'd like to keep them under wraps for now (Sorry!). However, I'll happily show you what I wish I had bought!

The Ottawa Vintage & Antique Market

Once of the things I love about antiques is seeing the different colours and textures that fail to exist in today's shops. I love this bubble effect on these glass pieces.

I'm still kicking myself for not picking these sweethearts up! A lesson I've learned fairly quickly from shopping these shows is if you love it, BUY IT. Don't wait on it, because in most cases it won't be there when you come back!

I know furs are controversial, but buying a vintage coat does seem more ethical than purchasing a brand new one.

This little mermaid painting stopped me in my tracks!

 This model ship was HUGE, and has such amazing detail.

I love shearling details, especially when it's flaming fuschia.

 Of course the shows cater to all budgets, including those with designer tastes. Oh how I long for that glossy Chanel bag!

Vendors get creative with their displays. I love colour coded setups like this! How cute!

Vintage Marc Jacobs sunnies

Plenty of wonderful host/hostess gift ideas to be found at the Antique Market.

This beaded beauty was from the 1920s and took my breath away. Love the unexpected colour combinations and the delicate, sheer fabric holding it together.

I swear this Bakelite purse could sell at Zara today in a heartbeat. So quirky yet classic!

Have a favourite colour? You're sure to find something!

The Vintage Clothing Show

 This top would be a sparkling sight at any holiday party.

 Of course the crowd is always full of interesting folks.

 Coco Chanel once said, "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on," but life is more fun when you break the rules.

Can you believe this stunner was on sale for $25?!

 Velvet? Check. Bodysuit? Check. Detachable feather collar? WHY NOT?!

I have a mini (growing) collection of antique perfume bottles, so this definitely caught my eye!

I'm a sucker for anything kitschy. Another piece I kick myself for not buying, even if it was too big for me.

A Gatsby approved accessory.

This little velvet babydoll dress is just too cute for words.

Vintage lingerie will always make me swoon. So many shades of chiffon.

The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show runs semi-annually in November & April at the Shaw Centre. The Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market is held annually in October, at the Carleton University Fieldhouse. Both events are only $10 to attend!

Did you make it out to these shows? What were your fave finds? Where do you shop for vintage and antique shops in Ottawa? Tell me in the comments!

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