All I Want For Christmas

While I may have finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago (This never happens, it's usually down to the wire for me), it's always nice to treat yourself to a little something under the tree! I usually slap on a gift tag and say it's from the cats to justify any extra spending. They're such thoughtful fur babies.

While I may not get everything I want, a girl can still dream. So in case anyone out there hasn't crossed me off their shopping list yet, or have an equally fabulous person to pick up a present for, here's your definitive guide to everything Doll & Dye approved!

All I Want For Christmas

See The Details of This Set (and more) on Polyvore

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault Set - $90 CAD

Nearly every beauty blogger I follow has raved about this lippie formula. I've been meaning to pick up a few shades, but why not kill 36 birds with one stone? Not only do you get their entire line of Soft Matte Lip Creams, you get two exclusive shades as well!

Skinnydip x The Simpsons Patti & Selma Faux Fur Clutch - $60 CAD

In case you didn't know, I'm a huge Simpsons fan. Lately I find myself identifying more and more with Patti & Selma, and maybe that's because I've stopped shaving my legs for the winter? Regardless, this clutch is just as fuzzy as my stems, and way cuter. It might even keep my hands warm on chilly nights out on the town.

Forever 21 Faux Suede Ankle Strap Heels in 'Nude' - $40 CAD

The late 90s/Early 00s trends aren't stopping anytime soon, and I'm living for it! I also recently re-watched Sex & The City (for the millionth time), and these will forever remind me of the shoes Carrie picked up to seduce Berger. These babies would give my wardrobe the 'zsa zsa zsu' it needs.

Forever Awake Campfire Mug by Black Coffee Apparel & Goods - $20 CAD


I discovered this rad local Ottawa company at the 613 Flea Christmas event,. I picked up some of their tees for my friends, but I'm kicking myself for not taking home this mug for myself!
Definitely would make a great gift for any fellow caffeine worshippers in your life.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Topper in 'Choke' - $24 CAD

I'm a sucker for anything and everything Lime Crime releases lately, and I nearly died when I saw these holographic lip toppers.  
I used to wear a fuschia-purple Cover Girl lipgloss that had blue shimmery reflects back in my preteen days. I loved it so much, I scraped that tube dry to try and hold onto it for dear life! I've been searching far and wide to find a dupe for it with no avail; Until now. Can you say holo-sexual?!

While it may not be an exact match, I can definitely layer this over another lippie I own to get the desired effect!

'My Thighs Touch' Enamel Pin by Sara M. Lyons - $10 USD

 I've become a bit of a flair aficionado in the past year, and I love to accessorize outfits with pins to add a bit of sass to my look. This little piece of body positivity would be a sweet addition to my collection. And remember, if your thighs touch, you're that much closer to becoming a mermaid!
Self-Care Fleece Swater in 'Grey' by Wear Your Label - $59.50 CAD
If you've read my previous post on self-care, you'll understand why I want this so badly. Wear Your Label is a great Canadian company whose profits help benefit mental health initiatives across the country. Not only does this look super cozy for those long winter nights ahead, it supports a wonderful and important cause.

Calvin Klein Pom Pom Ribbed Knit Hat - $34 CAD
My fave cold weather accessory will always be the toque. They're an easy way to change up an otherwise boring winter parka, and let's be honest, they're so necessary this time of year.
This blush number would coordinate well with my newly dyed pink 'do. And who doesn't love a pom pom?!

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in 'Waste His Time' - $15 USD
This very well might be my favourite nail polish company. The names are all deliciously snarky, and the pigmentation is to die for. One coat and I have completely opaque coverage. This glittery golden polish is exactly what I need on my nails this holiday season.

Too Faced 'Papa Don't Peach' Blush - $40 CAD
If you haven't heard the hype surrounding the re-launch of Too Faced's Sweet Peach palette, you must be living under a rock. Apparently this blush is a cult classic shade they revamped for the new collection, and in true Too Faced fashion, it's SO cute.
I'm actually lacking a peachy blush in my collection, if you can believe it. That's my justification, and I'm sticking to it!

'Hair Salon Girls' Scarf by Karen Mabon - $140 USD

Given the fact that I did hair modeling for 4 years, and spent countless hours in the salon chair because of it, this just seems like an appropriate homage to those days.
It's a little pricey, but it's incredibly adorable and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Sure, you could swing this around your neck in traditional scarf fashion, but you could also weave it around your purse straps, or tie it turban style on your head (This actually seems most appropriate, given the design in question).

Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette in 'Smoky' - $35 CAD

Beauty on a budget can do no wrong, and the price is oh so right for this palette. That emerald green shimmery shade would add be a great addition to an otherwise basic smoky eye.

Lush Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub - $9.95 CAD

Ever since the 'You Snap The Whip' scrub bar was removed permanently from Lush's shelves, my limbs have been in dire need of some rough exfoliation. This smells like candy cane heaven and sloughs off all the dead skin, leaving me silky smooth! I might be buying 5 this year, just to stay fully stocked as all Lush holiday items are limited edition!

MAC x Mariah Carey Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'My Mimi' - $52.50 CAD

In all seriousness, all I want for Christmas is the Mariah Carey x MAC collection. And that's not just because I'm secretly a big Mariah Carey fan (But really though...), the whole collection is stunning in all it's glittery glory.
I don't know if I could bring myself to put a brush to this beautiful pan, but I know I need it in my collection.

Did any of my picks make it to your wish list this year? What did you ask Santa for? I'd love to know in the comments below.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday season!!

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