Did It For The 'Gram; Beauty Products I Bought Because of Instagram

I'm almost always under the influence when I go shopping for beauty products. The influence of social media, that is.
More often than not, I've bought quite a few products by recommendation of a vlogger/blogger (Or just because I know it would look perfect on my Instagram feed. Shameless, I know). My reasoning is likely the same reason why you're here today; because you trust the opinions of others. You have similar tastes, or complexions, etc,; essentially, you know that if it works for them, you'll probably like it too!

While I do take the opinions of  public figures to heart, some of the recommendations don't always work out in the end. It's unfortunate, but not everything is meant to be. Though it stings a little when I look over my beauty budget for the month.
I'd like to show you what I've bought over the last year, at the suggestion of Instagram (Or in some cases, Youtubers), and discuss what worked out and what didn't!

Physician's Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

I saw this bronzer pop-up in so many 'Drug Store Favourites' posts/videos, I had to try it for myself.
Buying bronzers when you're very fair like myself isn't always an easy feat. A lot pull too orange or ruddy on me, or just have unnecessary shimmers that I can do without.

Sunglasses- Old Navy, Bikini- Betsey Johnson

I grabbed the 'Light Bronzer' shade, which is the perfect cool toned soft brown for me. It blends like butter, just like the name implies. I really enjoy how buildable I can make this, so I can use this for just a touch of warmth, or a full on contour. The sponge it comes with is so unique too. Unlike your typical powder puff that comes in most drugstore compacts, it almost has a silicone type feel that adds for effortless application.
The price makes this product a must-have for anyone as pale as I am ($19.99 CAD).

I could honestly just sit and smell this stuff all day long. Think sunscreen and pina coladas. It's like being transported to paradise every time I use it, especially during the winter months when I so sorely could use a tropical vacation.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Copenhagen'

I feel like I'm always on the hunt for a perfectly pigmented merlot lippie. I've been a fan of NYX products for a while now, and I saw that every beauty blogger raved about this shade in particular. I love a good drug store deal, so I didn't hesitate to pick this one up. Even NYX knows what a cult fave this is, as they always have a regular stock of it in the checkout line.
I mean, if the brand recognizes how much people love it, it's gotta be good...... right?

Blanket scarf- Ardene

I'm sorry to say that this just wasn't what I was looking for. While the colour itself is gorgeous, it's just far too streaky for me. I don't like when I have to swipe on 3 layers (or more) to get the pigmentation I want. I seem to always have this problem when it comes to dark lipstick shades in  drugstore products.

All negativity aside, it did feel comfortable on the lips and I did like the demi-matte finish it gave me. I'm hopeful I can find another shade in this line that will be better suited to my needs!

Lime Crime Aquataenia Eyeshadow Palette

This purchase wasn't so much influenced by a blogger, but rather the brand itself. It's no secret that Lime Crime's Velvetine liquid lipsticks are my all-time fave. I got caught up in one of their online sales (As usual), and noted they were discontinuing their original eyeshadow palettes.

Shades L-R: Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, Atlanteal, Leggings-Cakeworthy
With the hype surrounding their Venus eyeshadow palettes, I figured these shadows would be just as good. I added this mermaid inspired one to my cart, and couldn't wait to play around with the vibrant hues.
This was a total let down for me, unfortunately. And I now see why they were being discontinued at the time. These look amazing in the pan, but upon swatching the pigmentation just isn't there. They don't blend very well, they're chalky and the little bits of glitter get everywhere.

Frank Body Scrub

For a while, my Instagram feed was showing me a plethora of faces, thighs and tummies slathered in coffee grounds. At first I thought it was dirt, like some sort of natural clay mask or something. Until of course I saw a bunch of coffee beans and mugs dispersed amongst the newsfeed. Intrigue got the best of my friend and I, and we both ordered packs from Frank Body.

Mug - Le Creuset
I like to think this was the OG coffee scrub, and the best one in my humble opinion. It smells & feels wonderful, and really does help relieve the redness of my stretchmarks and reduce the visibility of cellulite. While I know nothing will truly make them disappear, it helps me feel more confident using this. I know it's perfectly normal to have discolouration or imperfections, but anything that makes me feel better about my body is a win in my books.

NYX Lip Lingerie

The nude lip trend definitely took off this year, and I kept seeing this tube all over insta. Gorgeous nude shades at a decent price will always sway me. Even more so if they have a cheeky name.

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in shade 'Embellishment', Bra & Panties - BCBG
I want to first off say that I'm not intentionally ripping on NYX's lip products here. They do have a number of lipsticks that I love and use regularly!
The doefoot wand really bothers me, because it's weirdly long and way too stiff. It's really hard to get an even application with it. Combined with the streaky, clumpy formula, it's just bad all around.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Blush

Kat's Shade + Light palettes always cause a frenzy on social media, so the release of this blush line was totally hyped up. However, I feel like I'm in the minority for loving this as much as I do. I feel a lot of people were disappointed by this blush, and they are unfortunately no longer available. I recall hearing issues with formulation being the reason for the pull, and I'm saddened that I didn't pickup more when they were available.
Kat Von D Shade & Light Blush in 'Morticia & Gomez'
This is easily one of my favourite blushes! Even the names were on point (I chose Morticia & Gomez, because #couplegoals)!
I love that I can choose between the two shades, or blend them together. I don't find it chalky, or difficult to blend; in fact, I find it to be the exact opposite!

This just proves that certain things are worth the hype, and it's okay to have differing opinions! RIP to this blush line, though. I'm still not over it.

Colour Pop Super Shock Eyeshadows

I cannot count how many times I saw these little pods of eyeshadows with pretty scalloped imprints on them when scrolling through my timeline. Even Kylie Jenner was talking about how much she loved them (And you know how that gets people in a frenzy. Just look at the craze she started over MAC's Spice lip pencil)
When I saw just how affordable these babies were, I couldn't resist adding them to my cart.

Bag- Indigo, Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows, bottom to top: Central Perk, Party Time, Weenie, Mixed Tape, Birthday Boy (Limited Edition)
These have such a cool consistency, they almost feel wet in the pan. They glide on like butter and the pigmentation is so rich. I love applying these with my fingers because it gives the best colour payoff, even moreso than a synthetic brush would.
At $5 (US) a pop, it's easy to load up on these!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

Of course I had to include this on my list! I'm a diehard Jeffree fan, so I was beyond excited when I learned he was starting his own cosmetics company. The hype surrounding the first launch was too real!
I remember refreshing the page until they were finally available, and instantly buying the first bundle set of Redrum, Prom Night and I'm Royalty. He has since launched more shades (and different products), and with each launch the internet and I collectively go crazy.

Clockwise from top: Masochist, Anna Nicole, Prom Night, Watermelon Soda, I'm Royalty, Androgyny, Redrum, Nude Beach.
I know happily own 8 of these tubes now, and I absolutely covet them. No other lipstick has given me pigmentation or colour payoff this good. No matter what your opinion is on Jeffree, he knows how to make a damn good lipstick!

What products have you bought under the influence of social media? What worked, what didn't?
Leave a comment below and I'd love to chat with you!


  1. I know what you mean when you talk about the streaky formula in the NYX liquid lipsticks. I've tried a couple from their different collections and never been impressed with them. Is it just me or do they never actually dry?

    NYX is a hit or miss brand for me. Either I find the holy grail or I find a total letdown.

    1. I find I have a love/hate relationship with their lipsticks in particular.
      But their setting sprays and eyeshadows are always on point!


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