Fashionably Freezing? How to Stay Chic In The Coldest of Winter

One of the biggest struggles as a Canadian is how to look chic when it's ball-bustingly cold outside. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has struggled with function and fashion this time of year (Then again, I'm also the one who wears mini dresses and fishnets when it's -12 degrees, so take that as you will).
Sure you could wear that lightweight overcoat that perfectly matches your outfit, but is lined with what may as well be tissue paper. This of course allows for the icy wind to cut through it like those 1000 degree knife videos that have been trending on my Instagram feed lately.
Or you could wear that knee length puffer coat you've had since 12th grade, that keeps you warm but lends you no favours otherwise. It's about as stylish as a sleeping bag, to put things bluntly.

The struggle is oh so real, my friends. But it doesn't have to be!
The key I find, is not only finding the right winter coat, but pairing it with the right cold-weather accessories that speak to you!

Scarf, Hat & Boots - Winners, Boots- Pajar
First, get your base; A coat! I'm quite fond of the classic parka, myself. I picked up this olive green number last year at Winners (For like $149.00?!), and I love it because the colour is super trendy without being too bold. It pairs nicely with a plethora of colours, making it easy to accessorize. I also love the utilitarian pockets this comes equipped with; again, trendy whilst being functional!
The key is to find something neutral so that you can mix it up with different tones & textures in your pairings. Not to sound like your mother, but make sure it's warm!!

Coat, Scarf, Hat, Mitts- Winners, Jeans- Forever 21, Boots-Pajar
Starting with a scarf is always a good basis point when creating your winter look. I often reach for patterned ones that lend me an assorted colour palette to play with, like this aztec one.

 I usually take one shade and pair my hat to that, just to keep things cohesive (In this case, I went with the maroon shade). Scarves are a fun accessory because you can style them a billion ways just in how you tie it. I adore a big cozy blanket scarf, because on milder days you can just rock it around your shoulders like...well, a blanket.

I've always loved topping off my look with a hat, especially this time of year because no one likes wind-burnt earlobes. I tend to reach for the quirky toques, like this kitty-eared one I'm currently sporting.

 But there's always a wide variety to choose from. Ones with pom-poms are always a solid choice, and many come emblazoned with sassy slogans or imagery to cater to every style. Find something that speaks to you!

Mittens are a must-have for me. They're a bit of a pain if you're glued to your phone, but if you can find ones with the flip-top at the fingers, you're golden. I just find they're better at keeping your digits toastier than gloves are.

I stuck with a neutral here to make sure I can pair them easily with my other accessories. I just couldn't resist the little sequins knitted into these ones. They add that little touch of sparkle on otherwise dreary days!

Last but not least, the boots! These are probably the most difficult thing to make chic, but I'm a big fan of these Pajar hiking boots. The camel colour compliments the fur lining on my parka, and the warm tones of the rest of my look. The height is perfect for stomping through snowstorms and are waterproof for slushier weather. Again, seek neutrals in the shoe department. But don't be afraid of little touches like faux fur linings or bits of plaid for that cozy-cute look!

I've put a few similar pieces together below so you can steal my look! 

Cold Weather Accessories

What are your cold-weather fashion staples? Let me know in the comments! Til next time, stay colourful (and warm for that matter)!

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