New Year, New Look? My Style Resolutions For 2017

Was 2016 really as bad as we're making it out to be? I'm happy to share that this was actually one of the best years I've had!
Sure, we had a lot of untimely celebrity deaths (I'm still not over David Bowie & Prince leaving this earth. There, I said it), some horrible election results in the neighboring United States, and I badly sprained my ankle at one point, but a lot of my personal achievements outweigh these negatives!

Here are some things I accomplished in 2016, in no particular order:

-I started Doll & Dye!
-Traveled to Australia
-Celebrated my one year anniversary of living in Ottawa
-Saw some great concerts (Billy Idol, Brian Fallon)
-Met some wonderful new friends
-Visited Montreal for the first time
-Moved into a gorgeous new apartment

Now I'm sure you've got your own resolutions for this year, and so do I. While some of mine are the standard 'get to the gym more', 'eat less junk food' and 'manage my stress in better ways', I have some fun personal style goals I'd like to set out for myself as well (And these are much more fun to talk about than my fitness plan).

1. Embrace More Vintage

Vintage and new years go hand in hand, because they both represent reinvention to me.

 It should come as no surprise if you read this blog regularly, that I love vintage goods. I adore finding unique fits, textures, patterns and colours that you don't regularly see at the mall. I especially like to stand out from the crowds and have people inquire with "Where did you get that?!"

Turtleneck: Kohl's, Skirt & Tights: Winners

Not only that, but buying used can be a hell of a lot cheaper than what you'd find in any chain store. So in the name of saving money, I've decided to put a lot more effort into thrifting and filling my closet with one-of-a-kind pieces this year.

This clutch was gifted to me by my soon-to-be mother-in-law (That's a lot of hyphens), and it already went perfectly with pieces I already own. I know already how easy it will be to inject more vintage pieces into my every day looks.

2. Manage My Mane

I'm ashamed to admit I put my hair through hell on a regular basis. Bleach, dye, curl, straighten; you name it, I've done it! Really the only thing I have going for my hair right now is a badass colour. The rest of it has seen better days.
Bottom line is I need to treat it better than I have been. Bring on the deep conditioners, heat protectants and regular hair trimming! I not only want it to look good, I want it to feel good too!

I also need to learn how to style my hair better as well. I've been so lazy with it this year, and that's mostly to blame on the fact that I'm a bit inexperienced when it comes to  hairstyles. I've been growing this mop out from a pixie cut for well over a year, and I need to do more than throw some salt spray in it and letting it air dry to a wavy mess.

Practice makes perfect, and this braid crown is a perfect example. Mind you, I had someone else braid this 'do for me. But that doesn't mean I won't be trying to recreate it on my own! (Though I can already feel my biceps aching...)

3. Be Bolder

I've always liked to play around with makeup, but part of me was always afraid to leave the house and share my crazy looks with the general public. If becoming a beauty blogger has taught me anything, it's to not give a damn what people think and be true to yourself.

I love a bold lipstick, as we all know. Yet there's a handful of lipsticks I own that have never seen the light day. What am I afraid of?  If I can rock a blood red lipstick, why can't I be brave enough to pull out the royal purple or metallic black shades I have lying around?

Lipstick: Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in 'Beet it'. Earrings: Topshop

I've also been playing it far too safe with my eyeshadow. I feel like I repeat the same neutral eye every day because it's quick and easy. Not that beige is a bad colour or anything, it's just getting a little too bland for my liking. With all the amazing palettes out on the market now, I can experiment with ease! I'm looking forward to colourful smoky eyes, wild winged liner and fancy false lashes!

With all these things in mind, it gives me ideas for future content that I'd love to share with you all!!
If you can think of any local Ottawa vintage shops, hairstyles or even beauty products you think I'd enjoy, leave me a comment below! I'm always open to suggestions or recommendations.

I'd also love to hear about your personal style goals as well, or any other resolutions you've made for yourself!

Here's hoping 2017 is a fabulous year for us all!

Shoutout to my good friend Khoa Nguyen for these photos! Definitely check out his Instagram page and give him a follow if you like what you see!


  1. Love these! I especially like that they're practical things that you can monitor your progress with!

    Not sure if you're specifically requesting vintage clothing stores, but my favourite local antique store is the Antique Market on Bank street. It's huge, well organized and I always walk out with at least a few gems! Almonte also has some great antique stores.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Kelly!
      I love the antique market!! I could spend a whole day in there rummaging through treasures!
      I've been meaning to make the trip to Almonte too; I'll have to pencil that into my calendar soon.


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