Review: The Lip Pencil by Bite Beauty

Lip liners have always left a bad taste in my mouth. I mostly blame this on 90s trends where girls would outline their lips with a brow pencil, and fill in with baby pink lipstick. Though I think that would make just about anyone shudder if it were attempted these days.
Not only that, but I've rarely felt the need to outline my pout. With so many ultra-pigmented products out there, why bother?

Well, Bite Beauty has proved me wrong with their brand spankin' new Lip Pencils (Which were sent to me for free, courtesy of Influenster!). Bite has continuously impressed me time after time with their products, and these pencils are no exception.

I'm so used to other lip pencils dragging on my lips and leaving a chunky mess with a lipstick is layered overtop. These glide on as smooth as butter, and the colour is just as rich and creamy. If you're familiar with their line of Amuse Bouche lipsticks, picture that formula in the form of a pencil.

Of the 22 shade collection, I received 020 ('Beige Nude'), and 044 ('Rich Mahogany'). I also received two minis of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks in Honeycomb and Whiskey, which you can see pair perfectly with the pencils.

Left to right: The Lip Pencil in 044, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Whiskey, The Lip Pencil in 020, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb.
The pencils were already perfectly sharpened, but they were accompanied by a Sephora sharpener (Which happens to be biodegradable, too cool!).
This made for a precise and easy application. I like to outline my lipline first, and then fill it in. Because they are so creamy, a little went a very long way. It was incredibly easy to blend out and fully cover my entire mouth! I've truly never experienced that with a pencil before!

I would honestly go so far and say that you could wear this nude shade on it's own, the coverage and consistency is so nice and comfortable on the lips. 

I topped it off with Honeycomb, and I'm so pleased with the results. I normally wouldn't think to wear a liner, especially with a nude lipstick, but I feel it gives the shade a touch more depth than if I were to wear the lipstick on its own.

Honeycomb lined with 020

Next on the docket was the darker duo. Because 044 is a much deeper shade, I did have to be more careful in my application (Because in all honesty, I can be a bit messy at times). I was pleased to see this shade was in fact a warm toned brown, which I much prefer when I reach for deeper hues.

When I was putting this pencil on, I knew the lipstick would be very opaque. I only wanted a bit of a guideline for my application because of this. I could have pressed harder if I wanted a deeper colour payoff, but I didn't want it to look too harsh.
I'll admit darker lipsticks can be very hard for me to apply, but this pencil definitely helped to make things a lot easier.

I find Bite lipsticks to be pretty long lasting on their own, but because these are a cream formula, they are definitely not transfer resistant. The Lip Pencil did add some more staying power, and I did note that it also helped to reduce any bleeding or feathering of the lipstick.

I wasn't entirely sure if I liked this colour on me at first, because I don't normally go darker than a bordeaux red, given how pale I am and how bright my hair is. With the reassurance of a few of my friends, I've grown to love it! I'm actually pretty excited to play around with this lip in some future makeup looks!

Whiskey lined with 044

I'm happy to announce that I no longer fear the liner! I definitely recommend these, especially if your lips tend to be on the drier side like mine. These will add depth to your lip looks, and help to make the colour last even longer. I cannot say enough good things about these pencils, you'll just have to try them for yourself to see what I mean!

Will you be picking up these pencils for yourself? Have you tried them already? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review, courtesy of Bite Beauty & Influenster Canada. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Love them both, but gawd that dark shade is just killer on you.

    1. Ahh thank you, Jess!! I'm blushing!

  2. That dark shade ! So romantic ! So sexy ! As we write, I am wearing bite lipstick in the colour "Truffle". Love the coverage, texture... and even smell !

    1. Thank you! I love the vampiness of it!
      They really do have the whole package going for them, don't they?! Bite is definitely one of my all-time fave lipstick companies for that reason.


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