How to Be a Real-Life Mermaid at the AquaMermaid School

To say that I've been wanting to live the #mermaidlife, is a bit of an understatement.

My siblings and I re-watched 'The Little Mermaid' until the VHS tape gave out. I own mermaid scale leggings and a tank top with cheekily-placed seashells. My hair is almost always in beachy waves, and dyed some mystical hue. It's hard not to be entranced by the siren song, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I think living by the sea may be an easier option some days.

While growing fins may not be an option, the AquaMermaid School is helping to make our under the sea dreams come to life!

You may be wondering what the AquaMermaid school is. It was founded in February 2015, and is a swim class where you wear a monofin mermaid-tail! There are classes available for all ages and genders in various locations across Canada and the US. Basically if you've ever wanted to know how to swim exactly like a mermaid, this is the class for you!

When the founder, Marielle Chartier Henault , reached out to me to test the waters at their Ottawa trial class, I jumped at the chance!

The tail itself is made of 4-way stretch polyester. The monofin at the bottom is like two flippers fused together. Your feet slide and strap into the flippers, and you roll up the fabric to your waist.
It fit quite snugly, but it wasn't uncomfortable. In fact, it felt like a second skin! If you've ever worn a wetsuit, you'll know what I mean (more information about the tail, and the ability to purchase your own can be found at

Swimming with a mermaid tail proved to be a bit challenging at first. The tail has a bit of weight to it underwater, so I was given a few minutes to get used to the feeling. We did a few swim tests across the length of the pool to test my endurance and ensure I was comfortable enough to proceed.

Finally nailing that sideways swim, thanks to my flutter board & lovely instructor!
I knew this wouldn't be like the granny aquafit classes I used to go to, but I certainly underestimated how much of a workout this would be! This was a full-body, intense cardio exercise for me! I definitely recommend this only to those who are already strong swimmers, because the tail does add a challenge. You rely on your hips to move up and down to propel your lower half into a dolphin-esque swim. Keeping your core engaged definitely helps, so I'm thankful for all those barre classes I've been taking lately to help focus on that.

In the time I spent in the pool, I learned not only to swim on my stomach, back and sides, but I also attempted a few handstands and flips as well (key word here is 'attempted', because I got about halfway into a flip and wound up in a tail spin)! We even played a game where I was to swim in an S shape, and snatch rings off of the pool floor. I really enjoyed the challenges, as it really encouraged me to push myself further.

Mer-booty, if you will.
I really enjoyed the class! I may not have been the most graceful mermaid in the pool, but I'm thankful for the patient instructor and the full hour I was given to practice. I definitely felt a little soreness the next day, but that always comes after a good workout!
I'm happy to say I finally earned my fins, and lived a brief life as a mermaid!

I'd definitely recommend this class for anyone with mermaid dreams of their own. It would also be a great idea for birthday parties, bachelorettes any other special occasion with a group.

Wanna test the waters for yourself? AquaMermaid School runs in various locations including Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener, & Montreal. Check them out at for all the details!
Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram &YouTube.

Thank you again to the AquaMermaid School in Ottawa for making my dreams come true, and to my good friend Emily for taking these photos!


  1. THIS IS AMAZING ! You're totally rocking the mermaid look.

    1. Thank you!! I've finally found my true form, ahah!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun!

  3. Fun. My daughter has a mermaid tale and loves it!


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