Easter Beauty Treats For Some'Bunny' Special

I'm a firm believer that Easter chocolate is by far the best holiday themed-candy there is (with Halloween being a close second, because duh).

However, chocolate and I don't get along as well as we used to so I've been trying to cut back on my egg-shaped treat intake. I might be saying this after inhaling an insane bulk quantity of mini-eggs, but that's beyond the point.

Rather than filling your basket with pastel-hued sweets, I wanted to share some beauty treats you can indulge in. And I guarantee these won't give you a belly-ache after!
Whether you want to pamper your skin or switch up your look, there's something on this list for every'bunny' (I'm not sorry about all the Easter puns, I can't help myself).

Strawbeline "Pure" Petroleum Jelly  by Beeseline

Strawbeline by Beeseline, 4oz for $8.50 at Terra20 (0.5oz and 8oz also available)

First off, I have to give major kudos to the wonderful Dominique of Style Domination for this recommendation! You guys...This stuff is a game-changer! I grew up slathering Vaseline on my lips whenever they were dry, and you know if you've ever touched the stuff how uncomfortably heavy it feels.

Strawbeline is essentially a natural version of petroleum jelly. It's made by the Canadian company Beeseline, and it only contains 3 ingredients; coconut oil, rice bran wax and natural flavours. Which means it's totally vegan!
While this one is obviously a strawberry flavour, they also offer mint and vanilla flavours as well as the original unscented/unflavoured Beeseline. 

I wanted to include this on this list because of how multi-purpose it is. I use it to soften my lips, remove stubborn eye-makeup, moisturize my cuticles; you name it, this stuff can handle it!

Dr.Jart Rubber Masks

Dr. Jart Rubber Masks in Hydration Lover (right) and Bright Lover (left). $17 each at Sephora
Nothing says spring fresh than a hydrated and brightened visage!

I've been eyeing these on Instagram for a while now, so as soon as they launched on Sephora.com  (they are online exclusives, by the way), I tossed them in the ol' virtual cart.
I've become a bit of a skin-care junkie these past few months, and I always love to try out new masks. Call em gimmicky, call 'em creepy, but they're definitely innovative!

What sets them apart from other sheet masks is that it's a 2-step process. First you apply the essence from the included ampoule directly onto your face, and then slap on the rubber mask. It's a wobbly, jelly like texture and it makes you look like a Ninja Turtle, so you're guaranteed a giggle from it.

 20-30 minutes later, you're left with beautifully hydrated skin! And that's nothing to chuckle at!

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

 L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in shade '#Purple'. 11 shades available, $18.99 each at Well

Wanna rock an Easter-themed hair colour but don't wanna commit? This dye is for you!

Normally I don't recommend products to you if I haven't tried them first hand. However, while I haven't personally tried this yet, I've read enough positive reviews that I feel confident telling you about this stuff!
(The reason why is because I just got my hair professionally coloured recently, and I'm trying not to alter it too much before my wedding in June).

The colour range is gorgeous and customizable. I really admire the fact that they include a clear mixer in their line, which allows you to create pastel tones with your choice of dye You can truly be as subtle, or as bold as you want!
They also include a colour fading shampoo for those who either wish to switch it up or wash it away.

 I'm all for changing up my look (hell, I change my colour every 6 months), so this makes it easy if I want to add some extra pizazz to my style for even just a weekend!

NYX Faux Whites Eye Brighteners
Faux Whites Eye Brighteners in shades Lavender Blush (top) and Mint Cream (bottom). $8 each at NYX
Got a family brunch to attend but you're dealing with an Easter-sized hangover? Maybe I'm foretelling my Sunday plans, but I know the key to looking more awake is to pop a white eyeliner in your waterline.
NYX evidently caught on to this beauty hack, but made it much more fun with their Faux Whites line.

If your love for pastels rivals that of the big bunny himself, then look no further. These creamy, ultra pigmented eye crayons add that little touch of colour to your eye-look.

I'm seriously obsessed with these because not only are the colours adorable, and the price is cheap, they actually last in my waterline. Apparently this is not an easy feat, because nothing lasts in my waterline, ever. So bravo NYX, you nailed it!

Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub

'Chocolate' Lip Scrub, $9.95 at Lush
I know I've proclaimed my love affair with these lip scrubs before, but this one holds a special place in my heart.

Back in the old days, Lush had a lip scrub called 'Sweet Lips'. It was the very first product I ever bought from them, and I was madly in love with it. It was chocolatey, delicious and it saved my dry, cracked pout.
Unfortunately it has long since been discontinued, and while new flavours have come and gone, nothing has really compared to my dear departed Sweet Lips.

Until now!

Even though this isn't the exact same formula, it's still pretty damn good. In addition to the cocoa powder base, the geniuses at Lush added sweet orange oil to the mix. This literally tastes like a Terry's Chocolate Orange, and I'm all about it!!

I won't neglect to add that you can lick this right off your lips after a good scrubdown. Just don't be too tempted to eat the whole jar, or else that whole 'guilt-free' chocolate vibe I'm trying to give will just go by the wayside.

So if anyone at Lush HQ is reading this; PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! MAKE THIS PERMANENT!

What surprises do you hope to find in your basket? How do you plan to spend the long weekend? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you all have a marvellous Easter weekend!


  1. Great post. All love these items sound wonderful

    1. Thank you so much Diana!! Hope you had a happy Easter!


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