Gym Bag Essentials; Products Worth Breaking a Sweat For!

The gym and I have had a long-standing love/hate relationship. I struggled to motivate myself in the past to get active, and as a result, I felt pretty crummy.

I recently found a new fitness routine that I absolutely love, and now feel regularly inspired to keep going and achieve the goals I set for myself! Part of my workout regime is not only getting to the gym and doing the exercise, but also getting ready by stocking my gym bag in advance.

I've always done well when I have a set routine in place for myself. I find if I'm all packed and ready to go, I'm more motivated to get a move on when the time comes.
Instead of showing you yet another beauty bag post, I wanted to switch it up and show you what products I need to succeed at the gym!


This should go without saying. The bottom line is if you workout, you're bound to sweat a least a little (even if the exercise is low impact).

I often switch up my deodarents (I usually just buy what's on sale), but I'm currently loving Nivea Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant. The scent is fresh and it keeps me feeling clean before and after a workout.

Facial Mist

Sometimes I get a little red in the face after a workout... Okay, that's an understatement. We're talkin' full on tomato. A little spritz of facial mist often soothes my crimson visage and gives me that extra hydration my body craves.

I've used the Evian spray in the past, but lately I reach for Uriage Thermal Water. It's refreshing and lightweight on the skin. I've even used it to set my makeup on occasion.

Plus it's the perfect size for my gym bag!

Makeup Wipes

Maybe you wanted to squeeze in a workout sesh after work, or between appointments, but you have a full face of makeup on. I love to keep wipes in my bag specifically for these cases, because no one wants to be the one with sweat and mascara running down their face.

Even if you went bare-faced, I like to swipe these across my face to wipe away any sweat or grime afterwards. I really love these ones from Target (which yes, I traveled to the states for because I miss having Target in Canada SO much), because while one side is smooth, the other has raised bumps for gentle exfoliation. So you get a good, deep clean without having to lather up! They also smell amazing!!

Water Bottle

This is another no-brainer, but I find it can be a very personal product. I really hate fussing with bottles that make you unscrew a lid every single time. I much prefer to have a flip top for easy access, especially when I'm in the middle of a fast-paced class. I also either need the mouth of the bottle to be a certain size, or to have a straw. I cannot count how many times I've spilled water all over myself when trying to take a sip from a too-wide rim.

I was going to mention my snazzy new glass bottle, but unfortunately it shattered in my gym bag a few days ago. So my advice is that if you're as clumsy as I am, there's no shame in buying a plastic or even metal reusable bottle.

I'm currently loving this one from Trudeau because not only does it have the lid I prefer, it also has a removable infuser! Once you've tried cucumber lemon water, I swear you won't go back to the plain stuff!

Lip Balm

I've mentioned in previous posts that my lips are often dry and chapped. I try to keep myself hydrated when at the gym, and I don't mean just drinking lots of water.

I have a few go-to brands, but lately my lips have been craving this Too Cool For School Dinoplatz lip balm.
It has the slightest tint, which is nice when I'm not wearing any other makeup. It's also not sticky or greasy feeling, just nice, light and hydrating (plus it smells/tastes exactly like Fruit By The Foot, if you're old enough to remember that after-school snack).

Hair Elastics

If you have long hair, you'll want to keep it tied back so you can stay focused and even moderate your body temperature. If your sweaty strands are swinging in your face, you'll be distracted and it can make you feel too warm much faster.

I personally have thick hair that strikes fear into the standard hair elastic. They either stretch out too quickly, don't hold on strong enough, or completely snap under the pressure. Also my waves like to tangle around the band on occasion, and cause for an uncomfortable predicament when I try to pull them out.

I don't honestly know how I managed before I came across Invisibobble Hair Rings. They hold on incredibly well, and don't leave that dreaded crease afterwards. Amazingly, my hair never gets twisted or tangled on these either! They are definitely worth every penny.

Grip Socks

I realize this one is oddly specific, but I literally need these to workout. I've been making visits to The Dailey Method for almost 2 months now, and these are essentially the uniform for barre classes. If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it! (seriously though, I can't say enough good things about this studio. But I'll save the gushing for another post in the near future).

These are also great for those who enjoy yoga or pilates, when you don't want to have bare feet or need a little extra stability. They'll help you from slipping and sliding on the floor or your mat.

I like these socks by Adidas because they provide optimal grip, but they also have cushioning so they're extra comfy!

What are your gym bag essentials? What's your favourite way to get fit? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. I bet the peach exfoliating wipes smell delicious!

    1. They totally do, and they're very gentle on sensitive skin!

  2. Ok - I need to try those hair rings! I've been meaning to for awhile now but wondered if they actually work. I have thick hair and have the same hair tie issues as you!

    Also, I highly recommend the Klean Kanteen insulated water bottles. I have 2 because they are so good! I like cold water and they keep water cold for so long! Plus they are stainless steel so no worries about shattering and easy to clean.

    1. Definitely give them a try! Your life will be changed and you'll never go back to regular hair ties!

      Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into them!

  3. When I was first starting out at the gym I felt so tired after a hard workout and would mostly skip the next day. But I knew I had to motivate myself so I did the same thing; I bought a good workout gear, packed a bag of essentials, and made it a special part of my routine. I have been a regular at my gym for almost a year now! I think that you should get whatever helps you be motivated.

    1. Totally agree! If I know I'm packed and ready to go, I'm more likely to head out the door for a workout! Great tip, Gianna!


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