What's Good, GlamGlow? Which Treatment Masks Are Worth The Splurge

Call me a sucker for beautiful packaging and highly-praised skincare products; I've long coveted the luxurious tubs of treatment masks from GlamGlow!

However their price tags have forced me to keep the line solely reserved for those special 'treat yo'self' occasions (or VIB sales, whichever comes first). Though when Sephora released this value set of all 6 GlamGlow treatment masks for only $52(CDN), I was in a mood to spoil myself!

While this value set is unfortunately no longer available, the regular size versions of each treatment mask are regular stock. I will say, nothing is worse than splurging on something only to find out it's either not what you wanted or just doesn't work for you.
I wanted to take some of the guesswork out for you all, and save you all some hard earned coin, by testing each mask out over the course of a month. 

Maybe after reading this you'll find one you can one to treat yo'self with!

Supermud Clearing Treatment

This is, quite honestly, the sole reason I purchased this pack. This tube happens to be the largest of the bunch.
I've tried samples of this in previous years, and it is so friggin' satisfying to use! If anyone else knows the disgusting fascination of examining a pore strip after using it, you'll understand.

This has a very neat feature that GlamGlow has deemed "Pore-Matrix™ technology"
 As it dries you literally see your pores being vaccuum-extracted. Any dirt is brought to the surface and appears as dark grey spots. What you're left with after is perfectly cleaned, spotless pores. No joke!

Shout-out to my fiancé for lending me his nose. Those grey dots are all the vaccuum-extractions from his pores!
I stared at him for longer than I'd like to admit...
My fiancé begs me to put this on his nose every week now. He has fairly large pores so it's so satisfying to watch it dry (I'm gross, I know). We actually saw an incoming pimple be brought to a whitehead through the magic of this mask!! If that isn't proof enough as to how good this is, you'll just have to try it yourself!

Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

This mask I have actually used in the past and loved. The coconut scent practically whisks you off to some exotic beach fantasy where your skin happens to look flawless.
I used this only on my driest areas; chin and cheeks. Within 20 minutes I did notice a slight improvement, in that it was a bit more luminous and dewy looking. Though it didn't feel particularly moisturized, and it didn't really last more than a day. I figure with regular use it would improve upon my flaky patches a bit more.

My partner pretty much commandeered the rest of the tube, which is fine because his face tends to be way more dry than mine anyway. His face practically drank this in immediately and gave him a smooth, supple and hydrated appearance. He seemed very pleased with the results, and honestly I was pretty damn envious of his newfound glowing skin. Not fair that I usually have to resort to highlighter for that kind of lit-from-within glow!

Gravitymud Firming Treatment

Aside from Supermud, I think I was most excited to test this mask! After seeing so many influencers on Instagram and Youtube with cyborg-like visages, I knew I wanted to become a metallic maven, too.

The chrome-like finish is totally 'gram worthy, but the effects it gives your face afterward are fit for a photo-op! My skin looked so matte and flawless; spots that are typically red and blotchy were much more evenly toned. It felt much more firm and smooth throughout.
My foundation went on like a dream after!

I've never felt so glamorous while wearing a mud mask and a towel.
I knew it was a good mask but damn, I didn't know it was THIS good!

Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment

Who doesn't love a multi-tasker? This is essentially the deep-cleaning powerhouse of the pack. It boasts a 'multi-sensory' experience when using it, which I at first chortled at but they're totally on the nose here. 
The unique 'mud-to-oil' formula for this treatment is intriguing and innovative. After it dries on your skin you wet it and massage in circles around your face. It transforms into a scrubby oil that feels incredibly invigorating.

I used this while I was PMS-ing, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who breaks out like crazy around that time. I'm so glad I did because it really zapped my pesky red spots into something less volcanic. It gave me that much desired 'squeaky clean' feeling that we all crave!

As much as I liked this mask, I do have to question why I'm washing my face before to...essentially wash my face again? I'm all for double-cleansing but this just seemed a tad too harsh for my already finicky skin. With that in mind, they do have a daily cleanser based off of this treatment. Perhaps that would work better for me.

Flashmud Brightening Treatment

This treatment promises radiance, brightening, luminosity...I could go on but I'm sure you get the idea they're going for. I do love products that give my skin that coveted 'lit from within' effect. Since ThirstyMud didn't workout as well for me as I had hoped, I had faith this would help me to at least fake it.

The tube did recommend using consistently for 3 days to get the most optimal results. However the tube only has about 3-4 uses, depending on how much you're squeezing out. So while I did start to see some glow comin' through, it didn't stick around for long. This isn't so much an 'instant results' mask like the others, it's more of a luxurious routine that will work better with consistent use.

However this smells exactly like sour patch kids, and for that reason alone I'm sold. 

Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

This is the only one I didn't really like. I'm not big on 'tingling' sensations, given that my skin can be fairly sensitive. This feeling usually is indicative of some type of reaction and my immediate response is "Wash that shit off RIGHT NOW."

The consistency was really crumbly, so I found it difficult to apply a thin layer. Most of it ended up in my sink.
I did appreciate the gentle exfoliation when rinsing off, and I did note my skin looked a bit brighter. But the lasting tingles are not something I was a fan of. The only way I can describe this is 'uncomfortably minty'.

Not sure what to make of this mask, or my facial expression, for that matter.
I'm not too concerned about anti-aging in this stage of my life, and given that this is a main benefit of this mask I can't see myself repurchasing this any time soon.

Final Verdict

I had a lot of fun trying these masks out over the course of a month. While they were small tubes, I was able to get 2-3 uses out of most of them.

The only gripes I have with this set is that it was marketed towards the multi-masking trend. While I'm a fan of the concept, some of the combinations recommended wouldn't actually work out, time-wise. Some masks recommend to leave them on only 5-10 minutes, where others are 20-30. So it'd be difficult to only wash off some of your face while the others are still cookin'.
Gravitymud is the only peel-off mask in the GlamGlow lineup, so it's a bit hard to multi-mask with this one involved when most of the others require you to wash them off. Though I suppose you could peel this off first.

While the prices on the full-size products are a tad steep, I firmly believe they are worth the price. They do exactly what they promise to, and truthfully will last you quite a while.
If I had to choose which ones to re-purchase, it'd have to be Supermud and Gravitymud; they truly were the real standouts for me. Plus Thirstymud for my partner, because his results were much better than mine.

Have you tried any GlamGlow products? What were your favourites? I'm also a big fan of their Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer. Tell me what you think in the comments! Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. This looks like a great value set - too bad it's not still available

    1. I know, it sold out so quickly too!

  2. I've only tried the GlamGlow thristymud treatment, which I totally love. It's my go to when I need some hydration. I think this set was a great way for you to try some of the masks without buying the full size! I've always wanted to buy the gravitymud one just to take fun photos with the chrome mask hahaha

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

    1. Honestly I thought it was so gimmicky at first, but I'm obsessed with it now! I really want the blue Sonic the Hedgehog version they released!

  3. I want to try SuperMud, unlike everyone else, I never get samples of it

    1. Me neither! Hence why I snatched this up when it came out! I'm a sucker for a deluxe sample, what can I say.

  4. I'm really interested in trying the youthmud mask. I must be the only person who hasn't yet tried any glamglow masks.

    1. I know for sure Sephora has mini pots of Youthmud at the checkout, if you're looking to try it out at a discount!

  5. I've never used a mask of any kind. I'm definitely at the stage where I should worry about aging, so maybe I should try one.

    1. GlamGlow is a great place to start! They have minis of most of these masks at Sephora, so you don't have to break the bank if you just wanna test the waters.

  6. There is a price range for everyone as well and are pretty easy to locate now. Treat your skin and yourself!charcoal mask 

  7. the silver one is my favorite! it's so fun do do and it works magic! they are tho kinda of expensive!

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

    1. I agree! Definitely a bit pricier, but I think they're worth the splurge!


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