Your Friendly Neighborhood Hotel - My Visit to The Newly Renovated Metcalfe Hotel in Downtown Ottawa

Whoever said feeling like a tourist in your own city is a bad thing, clearly has never lived in Ottawa! I’ve been fortunate to call the capital my home for almost 3 years now, and I’m always discovering new places and trying fun things. It may look and feel like a big city at times, but at its core, Ottawa has a small-town friendly atmosphere you can’t help but be charmed by.

I was thrilled when the lovely staff at the Metcalfe Hotel recently invited me, and a handful of fellow Ottawa bloggers and influencers, to come take a peek at their newly renovated space! I can already tell this will be a hot destination for those visiting from out of town, but also for those living in the city.

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, you'll find this beautiful boutique hotel. As soon as I set foot inside, I was in complete awe of just how stunning it is! The entire space has been recently renovated with stylings inspired by modern Canadiana with nods to New Orleans.
The literal highlight of the space is the main lobby, accented by glorious daylight that pours in from the roof's skylights. Guests even have the luxury of admiring this sight from their rooms, as the U-shaped floor-plan wraps around the focal point of the hotel.

A photographer's dream; natural light pouring through the roof

The downtown Ottawa hotel has seen many changes over the years; you may recall this location as the previous Hotel Indigo. Coincidentally, it was also the original home to George-Etienne Cartier!
123 Metcalfe boasts a very rich and interesting history, and all of the new aesthetics tell a story of its formative years.
The artifacts that line the walls, like boxing gloves and tennis rackets, serve as a reminder of it's former years as a YMCA in 1906. Little treasures line the sprawling bookshelf, including a set of vintage Nancy Drew novels that were donated by an employee.
Call me a sucker for nostalgia, but every single detail makes my old soul swoon!

You could sit in this lobby and play 'I Spy' for hours!

Edison lights line the walls to the guest floors, and bring together the 'old meets new' theme throughout.

While the rooms themselves have yet to be renovated, but you can expect big changes in the coming months! Below are some artist renditions of what the rooms may soon look like. While these designs may change, they are truly breathtaking!

Artist rendering courtesy of The Metcalfe Hotel

Artist rendering courtesy of The Metcalfe Hotel
You really feel a strong sense of community pride when you visit The Met, and this is what I admire the most. Whether you’re a guest in the hotel or a neighbor stopping by, you are greeted with a warm welcome and a sense that you’re right at home. The long conference table in the lobby invites several different uses: You can enjoy your breakfast, plan your day’s activities, or even catch up on work in this space. You might even bond with a new friend across the table! 
One of my favorite accents has to be the vivid graffiti piece by Canadian artist, Candice Wei. It really pulls together the overall Canadian patriotism throughout the hotel, and compliments the old-school decor incredibly well.

They even proudly serve treats from two local companies: Happy Goat Coffee Company & Maverick's Donut Company. I taste tested these goodies myself, and the signature Metcalfe donut is out of this world! If you book your stay here just to get your hands on one, I wouldn’t put it past you.

You'd be hard-pressed not to Instagram this view!

Believe me, these Banana & Bourbon Caramel Donuts taste even better than they look!
If you'd like to check out The Metcalfe for yourself, they're located at 123 Metcalfe Street in Downtown Ottawa (Just a few blocks from Parliament).
Be sure to check out their website, as well as their Instagram Facebook page! 

Thank you again to the staff at The Metcalfe Hotel for inviting me! I am so excited to visit again soon!


  1. As per usual Tori, love the post. The shot of you in front of the mirrors is inspired.

    As for the renos, it looks like some serious heart and soul went into them. I hope they invite you back to showcase the rooms once they're done.

    Also... SEND DONUTS!

    Ash -

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to see how the rooms transform!


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