GummiBand Review - Strong & Supportive Hair Styling with Purpose

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My hair has been through hell and back. As if the bleaching, colouring & heat styling weren't enough, I've had many a hair elastic become horribly mangled and tangled in my locks. The scissors have come into play a few times, as much as I hate to admit it. But no more will my mane be mutilated by my styling efforts!

I recently discovered the Canadian, all-female run company, GummiBand through my online travels. Based in Vancouver, this small group of women have crafted a product that gives my hair the support it needs without sacrificing style or comfort.

GummiBand specializes in hair cords; a much cooler-looking and more durable alternative to standard hair elastics. They look like a little phone cord (please tell me you remember corded phones or else you'll make me feel like a granny).
These are hypoallergenic (no nasty bacteria on these babies!), long-lasting, and perfect for whatever hair 'do you happen to be working with. Curly or straight, these don't discriminate!

At only $7.99 (CAD) for a 4-pack, you'll want to load up on every single colour! Did I mention that shipping across Canada is absolutely FREE?!

GummiBands currently come in 8 different colour-ways. Pictured above are Clear, Light Pink, Black, Teal, Brunette, Purple, & Dark Pink (my personal fave). Not pictured: Blonde.

I much prefer hair cords to regular elastics for a number of reasons. Because my hair is pretty thick (especially on days when I let it dry into it's natural, wavy form), I need something that really hangs on tight to my hair and doesn't break. These have a super strong grip, but they don't cause any tension or pain on my scalp at all. And even after prolonged wear, there's no dreaded ponytail crease after removing them (because I know how much we all hate that)! I can tie my hair up for a workout, and be date night ready after shaking my locks loose! No fussing or de-tangling needed!

They look cool on the wrist, but even better in your hair; trust me on this.
See what I mean?
You can use these for any updo, which obviously includes space buns.

While these hang tight without any issues for me, it is recommended to double up if your hair is extra thick and/or long. These are amazingly durable, I love how quickly they shrink back to their normal size after twisting and pulling them. You can even revive them if they aren't snapping back into shape; just blast 'em with a hair dryer or give them a warm bath and they'll be back to normal in no time! Though if one should break, they just so happen to include a 1 year full replacement warranty.

Double 'em up (or triple 'em!) for extra strength, or added pizzazz. 
I could talk all day about how much my hair & I love these cords, but one of the biggest reasons I adore this indie brand is because of their commitment to supporting women. As mentioned before, they predominantly operate out of BC, but they also employ women in India & the Phillippines. That adds up to a total of 15 staff members - and while they are small, they certainly are mighty. They not only work directly with their factory to make sure their employees are safe and treated fairly, but they also give back to their community in a multitude of ways.

Gummiband has fundraised with multiple organizations that support local women's shelters, mental illness organizations, low income family services and more. They even mentor high school students to pass along their valuable business knowledge and teach them viable work experience they'll be able to use in their future endeavors.

Their Dark Pink GummiBand matches flawlessly to my hair! Colour me obsessed!

I cannot applaud the GummiBand ladies enough for all that they do, and their amazing product that I've quickly grown to love! My only hope is that you love them as much as I do!

Wanna score some extra GummiBands
Use my promo code 'DOLLNDYE' (add it to the notes section) with your order of a 4-cord pack, and you'll receive 2 extra cords for FREE!

Note: Products were provided complimentary in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. these are super cute - I love them!

    1. I love all the fun colours! Makes getting ready that much more fun!

  2. hmm, I have no idea what I would name my GummiBand colour. I think i'd have to pick out a colour first :P

    1. totally left this comment on the wrong post lmaooooo


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