Just Add Sprinkles! Easy Holiday Nail Art Tutorial

The holiday spirit has come to me in the form of baking dozens and dozens of cookies. Which is especially funny, because I'm not very talented in the kitchen. So instead of decking the halls with garlands and ornaments, I've just been getting flour all over everything I own. We'll call it fake snow if anyone asks....

I was recently asked by the lovely team at Nail Polish Canada to take part in their 5th annual Holiday Nail Art Challenge. 
Since cookies have been on my brain non-stop, I decided to draw inspiration from my fave sweet treats! I've always been a big fan of the classic sugar cookies with the green & red sprinkles. I'm sure you know exactly the ones I mean, because they're a fixture in the bakery section of every grocery store.

While I'm not very skilled when it comes to manicure artistry, I love a good challenge! I wanted to show you a simple & fun option you can do at home. Because who doesn't love sprinkles?

All you need is nail polish and a bobby pin!

Start by painting on a base colour of your choice. I'm using OPI 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons', which is a nice soft nude shade. Like a perfectly cooked sugar cookie!

Once the base has dried, it's time to add your sprinkles!
 On a scrap piece of paper or a plastic tray (one you don't mind mucking up with polish!), take the brush and make a small pool of polish to dip into (You just need a few drops; enough for it to keep without drying too quickly).

I'm using Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in 'Emerald', and Essie polish in 'I'm With The Band' for my sprinkle design. The perfect Christmas colours, if you ask me!

With your bobby pin, dip into the polish with the rounded end. You can now lightly 'dab' over your nails for a polka dot (or in this case, sprinkles) effect! This does take a light hand to get the desired effect, or else the dots will look more 'blobby'. That said, you can play around with how big you want your sprinkles to be. I find a variety of sizes helps give a more 'abstract' effect.

Repeat as many times, with as many colours as you wish! Allow the polish to completely dry before topping off with a clear coat, or else the sprinkles might bleed.

There you have it! A perfectly imperfect mani that will rival your next cookie exchange!

If you like this nail art, please feel free to vote for me in the Holiday Nail Art Challenge
The contest closes Dec 26th, 2017, and I'd love to celebrate with you all if I win! ;)

Happy Holidays! Thanks for your support!


  1. This is cute, and super easy if you are pressed for time!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

    1. Thanks Britt! Fun & easy is always the name of the nail art game for me!

  2. Who doesn't want nails that look like cookies?! So cute!


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