NYX Cosmetics I Love You So Mochi Swatches - Sweet & Squishy New Eyeshadows

My eyeshadow collection seems to have a significant lack of colour lately. As much as I love a good neutral palette, it makes it way too easy to stick to a routine of a 'safe' makeup look. As I'm sure you know by now, I'm a big fan of all things bold & bright. I was hungry for a new product I could regularly use to add more of a pop to my eye makeup routine.

NYX Cosmetics has satisfied my cravings for colour with the launch of their new collection; I Love You So Mochi.

NYX Cosmertics - I Love You So Mochi eyeshadow palette in 'Electric Pastels' $25 CAD 

This new & limited edition collection from NYX features two eyeshadow palettes ('Electric Pastels', & 'Sleek & Chic'), and two highlighting palettes ('Lit Life' & 'Arcade Glam').
I truly wanted to buy the whole line; it's all so gorgeous, and extremely fun to poke if we're being totally honest.

NYX Cosmetics describes the texture of these shadows as 'marshmallow-like', and I can honestly say that's spot on. If you've ever tried the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, you'll recognize the squishy-soft consistency found in this palette.

All of these shades found in the Electric Pastels palette have shimmer, so if you're partial to matte finishes this likely won't be for you. Though the Sleek & Chic palette has a combination of shimmers and mattes, and is equally as beautiful!

I immediately noticed how pigmented these shadows are with even the lightest of touches. They are very buildable and blend out beautifully without losing any colour payoff.  I find these work best when applied with your fingers, but if you're a faithful brush user, synthetic is the way to go.
Blending them out with a fluffy brush gives them a diffused look that I LOVE.

While these look glittery in the pan, they have a beautiful reflective sheen when applied. Plus the shade selection is just so damn pretty!

Top row from left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Bottom row from left: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Based on swatches alone, I'm already head over heels for these colours. Though I'm especially loving shades 3, 6, & 9. I know they'll play nicely with my existing palettes; shade #6 with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette? Hell. Yes.
Some of these shadows could even double as highlighters (particularly shades 1 & 2 for those with fair complexions). I'm so excited to incorporate more fun & vibrant shades into my eye looks!

Which shades are you loving? Will you be picking up any of the products from the I Love You So Mochi collection? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Replies
    1. I totally agree! Thankfully I have real mochi on hand, yummy!

  2. Ahh, all these shades look so fun and playful! Now I'm craving for some Mochi :)

    1. Aren't they beautiful? I feel like they'd work on a ton of skin tones, too!

  3. I love how you styled the shots! The swatches look amazing. I walk by the NYX store at the Rideau centre everyday on my way to work and I caught a glimpse of the palette just the other day. Great review and I may have to stop in and swatch it myself as I 'm really tempted to get it.

    1. Thanks Maha! That's exactly how I ended up getting this palette; once you swatch it, you'll be sold on it!

  4. I do not like so much the pigmented of the green palette but in overall this palette is pretty nice. Well done!! xoxo ( just pin it on my pinterest board " eyeshadow passion" xoxo

    1. That's fair, the green/teal is probably my least favourite of all of the shades. Otherwise it's a great palette!


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