Glossier Lash Slick Mascara Review - Does It Measure Up?

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When new beauty products are released, I'm usually pretty good about keeping my cool and my wallet unharmed. I've trained myself to either wait for a sale or for reviews to start trickling in.

Except when it comes to Glossier. Something about that millennial pink packaging always pulls me in (can we talk about how covetable those pink shipping pouches are?!)!
It doesn't hurt that I've fallen in love with every product I've tried from them thus far. The products I originally ordered during their Canadian launch in late 2017, have become absolute staples in my everyday beauty routine.

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara - $20 CAD

Recently Glossier launched their new mascara, Lash Slick, and the crowd has officially gone wild. Myself included. According to Glossier, it took 248 formulation attempts to nail the final product; I always appreciate perfectionism, especially with beauty companies. And while I was quick to add this tube to my online cart, I could feel my inner skeptic whispering into my ear. I'm incredibly particular about what goes on my lashes, and the promise an extension effect had me raising my Glossier Boy Brows.

Here's hoping it adds inches where it counts! I expect it to be a real eye-opener.

I cannot stop the puns from happening, I'm sorry.
After using this mascara for about 2 weeks, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on how it wears, and if it truly lives up to the notorious Glossier hype.

First Impressions

- In terms of formula consistency, it's not too wet and not too dry. It's a perfect happy medium, in my opinion.
- The conical brush does a fantastic job of separating and coating every single lash. No clumps in sight! I also found it does a great job at coating the lower lashes, too. Doesn't look spidery at all. Just nicely separated and defined.

Before and after - One coat of Glossier Lash Slick Mascara has given me long, lifted lashes with beautiful definition.
Two coats (top and bottom lashes) adds a bit more length and some volume at the root.
On the right are the results after 12 hours of wear.
- It does not layer very well. I found that because it dries down so fast, the second coat dragged on the lashes and was an uncomfortable experience. That said, I found one coat was plenty to get the look I desired.
 - It is not waterproof. Not even a little bit (not that it ever claimed to be) Got a little teary eyed at one point during the first wear, and all of the lower lash mascara got wiped away.
- I noticed a minimal amount of  flaking. It should be noted that I'm a notorious eye-rubber, but I was relieved to find there weren't a ton of black freckles under my eyes.
 - Can be removed SO easily. I've quite honestly never had a mascara come off this quickly! They state
Glossier recommends using their Milky Jelly Cleanser to remove it, which has never failed me in the past. Though I should note that my lashes are very stubborn, so it's especially nice to not have to soak them in micellar water for once!
- This is very much a tubing mascara, as much as Glossier says it isn't; they claim tiny fibers and polymers are used to create a 'baby-extension' effect. The micro-fibers used in this formula are very tube-like, and this is especially evident when removing the product (not that this is a bad thing).

Worth The Hype?

I gave it an inch, & it gave me mile-long lashes in return!

I'm giving this a solid, "Hell yes!"

Overall, this gives a nice 'awake' look without being overtly dramatic. It gives great definition and length and appears very natural. To quote Ned Flanders, "It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!"
Glossier always delivers when it comes to 'cool girl, no makeup-makeup', and this completely fits the bill. Lash Slick is great every day mascara for when you just want a little makeup, which is my preference as of lately.

That said, if you prefer a more volumizing formula, you probably won't like this. I'll continue to reach for my trusted L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara for those days when I want a lot more 'oomph'.

Will you be ordering a tube of Lash Slick? Have you tried any other Glossier products? Share a comment with me and lets chat! I love hearing your thoughts!

If you haven't ordered from Glossier yet...what are you waiting for?! 

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