LimeCrime Wet Cherry Gloss Review - A Nostalgic Necessity or Nah?

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Nothing makes me more nostalgic for the early aughts (that's the 2000s, FYI) than the glossy sheen of of lip gloss. For the past few years, the beauty trends have focused on matte lip finishes. Which in turn left my lips achingly dry and overall uncomfortable. I for one, am so ready for not only a different texture, but to give my lips a damn break!

But I wasn't exactly quick to rejoice the return of gloss. The formulas I used back in the day were sticky, goopy and messy (Lancôme Juicy Tubes, I'm looking at you). And yet, despite the heavy syrup texture, I still lust for that iconic wet-looking pout.

LimeCrime recently launched their new Wet Cherry Gloss collection, complete with 14 different shades. Having fallen head over heels for the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, I was ready to add more lip lacquers to my repertoire. My only hope was that these would be as glistening and buttery-smooth as RiRi's creation.

LimeCrime Wet Cherry Glosses - $23.96 CAD each.
From left- Maraschino Cherrry, Extra Poppin, Cherry Pie.

At first look, I'm already in love with the packaging. It gives me major retro vibes, and it's just super fun & femme.
As expected, these smell like cherries. Specifically an artificial cherry scent that's reminiscent of some 80's toy that I can't seem to put my finger on. It's initially quite a strong fragrance, but becomes less noticeable as you wear it.

"Tastes so good, bring a tear to your eye. Sweet cherry piiiie"
Well... maybe you won't cry over them. But theses glosses sure are delicious looking on the lips!

The huge doe-foot wand hugs the entire lip to ensure even application in one swipe (though some shades are streaky - I'll go into more detail in the swatches section below). If you're familiar with the Fenty Gloss Bomb applicator, you'll know exactly what I mean. 

Each shade gives that coveted glassy, wet look to the lips. Very reflective, incredibly sexy. 


From Top - Extra Poppin', Cherry Pie, and Maraschino Cherry.

The perfect pink shade. One dip into the tube gives even coverage, though one application is semi-sheer it still has a beautiful amount of pigmentation. It is a buildable colour, but can be a little streaky in some spots. I did find it left a bit of a stain after prolonged wear, especially along the lipline.

A punchy, classic red. Very streaky with one application. Again, the pigment can be built up for a more opaque coverage. Though I do feel it could definitely benefit from a lip liner.
This definitely leaves a Kool-Aid-esque stain on the lips, so be warned!

A basic clear gloss. Nothing too spectacular in my opinion, but a great option for everyday wear when you want your lips to look extra juicy.

Final Thoughts

The Wet Cherry glosses are all buttery and smooth on the lips. They do feel a little sticky, but not so much that it's uncomfortable. As much as LimeCrime stated that these do not bleed, I did notice some bleeding around my lipline, which is a little annoying. As mentioned previously, these would likely pair quite well with a coordinating lip liner. On the plus side, it helps achieve that 'popsicle lip' that's so trendy right now on Instagram.

'Maraschino Cherry' before and after a few hours of wear.
These are obviously not transfer proof, but the darker shades will stain your lips, as you can see in the bottom image.

While I do like these glosses, I wouldn't necessarily say they're a must-have by any means. That said, if you're a gloss fan, or simply nostalgic for the early 2000s, you'll likely enjoy these! 

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