What Pregnancy Has Taught Me

Everyone kept telling me to enjoy every moment of pregnancy because it goes by so quickly. I can absolutely confirm they're correct, because I swear these past 9 months have gone by in a flash! And that's not just because my memory isn't as sharp as it once was (pregnancy brain is very, very real).

As I sit here with my child pummeling the inside of my 38-weeks large belly, I've been reflecting on all those little moments that led me here. 
I wanted to impart some wisdom and share some moments I encountered during this magical time in my life. I should note that I'm obviously not an expert by any means; I solely want to share my experience so that other moms-to-be and moms alike can share a laugh, reminisce, and embrace motherhood for all its wonderful moments!

1. It's Okay to Ask For Help

I've always known myself to be pretty stubborn, but I swear pregnancy made me even more bull-headed. While my mental health has been the best its ever been, I still faced some social anxiety from time to time. Which of course, hinders my ability to speak up and ask for assistance when I need it. I've always coped with this by being pretty self-relient and independent, but when you've got a growing belly and limited energy, it's not always so easy. 

I had a very...ahem...humbling experience in the grocery store when I was about 7 months along.
One evening I was hit by a pretty intense cravings for Cheetos. There was one bag left, but of course it was on the highest shelf at the very back - out of reach even for someone like me, standing at 5'8" tall. Out of instinct, I stepped up onto the lowest shelf to gain some height, and I reached and clawed at the bag like some kind of rabid animal. It was at that very moment I realized just what I was doing and how pregnant I was. And of course remembered that I was in a public place and can be witnessed by others.
I sheepishly asked a nearby employee to fetch the bag for me, and waddled away bright red with my Cheetos in tow.

The moral of the story here? It's okay to swallow your pride and admit that you need some help sometimes. If that means having someone refill your glass of water, or tie your shoes for you, it's all justified by the fact that you are growing a human inside of you. It's the best excuse - use it!

2.  There is Beauty in the Bump

I talked previously about my struggle with body image, and how pregnancy exacerbated some pretty nasty and negative self-talk. With time, I found myself checking out the bump in the mirror and smiling. Getting dressed is a joy, seeing my favourite clothes hug this giant curve I've grown. I've come to learn that the 'pregnancy glow' everyone always talks about is just my happiness shining through. I feel more beautiful than I ever have in my life.

With self-acceptance came empowerment. I am constantly in awe of what my body can do, and have never felt more in-tune with myself. The birthing videos that once horrified me now comfort and reassure me that I can do this. I feel less intimidated by labour and feel empowered knowing many other women before me have gone through this experience as well. And that in itself, is so beautiful to me. 

3. Let's Not Talk About Sex

Of course I'm referring to the sex of my baby. 

My husband and I decided before we conceived that we wouldn't bother finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. As my mom perfectly explained it, "There are very few surprises in life, and that's a pretty big one," and with the exception of my brothers, she never sought to find out either!
Knowing that, I never gave it a second thought. I was never trying to make some political statement, but then I remembered we live in a world obsessed with gender reveals, and stores divided by pink & blue. Needless to say, some people were shocked by our decision to keep things a mystery. 

I'm of the belief that people are free to express themselves in whichever manner they so choose. That of course means they can wear whatever colour they want. My husband wears pink regularly, and I swear that's not my influence. We have a literal rainbow of clothing at the ready for our little one, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

On that note, I cannot express how hilarious I find old wives tales. Having strangers tell me that it must be a boy/girl based on how high/low I'm carrying, what I'm craving, or how my skin looks is always good for a giggle. I've even had a few people assume that my pink 'do meant I was carrying a girl. 
Regardless of if they're a boy or a girl, I just know I'm excited to meet them!

4. It's a Little Bit Funny, This Feeling Inside

The sensation of feeling your baby kick and move around is pretty magical, but I can't even lie, it's also pretty friggin' weird. 

When I first felt the baby move, I was in shavasana at the end of a barre class. Having just worked my butt off, I was enjoying a moment of stillness and a chance to connect my mind to my breath when I felt this little flutter inside of me. I let out a little squeal and immediately put my hand to my abdomen. At that moment it became very real to me that I was growing a life within me, and I couldn't help but shed a tear. I will never forget that feeling, and I'm reminded of it with every movement I feel to this day.
Even with my due date around the corner, those little kicks and punches still catch me off guard. Perhaps that's because there's less room for them to actually move around in there, and at times it can be a little painful. But I crave those little sensations. I always catch myself rubbing and holding my stomach wherever I go, and even my husband rushes to hold my belly after a long day of work.
While I'm sad to know these movements won't be felt for much longer, I know that holding my little one will be just as magical.

5.  This is Just the Beginning
These 9 months have created so many beautiful memories that I will cherish for years to come. But I know that once I meet this little one, I'm in for years and years of milestones. I look forward to all the little things; from the giggles to the farts and everything in between. I'm preparing myself for all the sleepless nights, but know that someday I'll yearn for those little late night cuddles. It's going to be a long, hard road, but I'm excited to be able to start the journey we call motherhood.

Special thanks to my dear friend Jessica Rediker for the gorgeous photos,
and The Walper Hotel for allowing us to use one of their beautiful rooms!

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  1. This was a beautiful post to read, and definitely one of the more interesting/insightful pregnancy posts I've read. I feel like a lot of the posts I've read (there's a LOT of people getting pregnant lately it feels like), most of it focuses on the baby and getting ready, etc. etc. And for me, this is about you. I only know you and what you're like, and I loved reading about how you're feeling and what this has done for you. And holy... lovely photos!!!

    1. Aw Chelle, I'm so touched! Thank you so very much!! I'm really glad it came across the way I intended it to.

      I'll be sure to pass on the compliment to my photographer, as well!


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