Coming Up Roses - My Complete Review of Pixi Beauty's Rose-Infused Line

Disclaimer: all products received were sent complimentary for review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Pixi Beauty's line of skincare products. They're super affordable, extremely gentle and full of natural ingredients.
Just in time for Valentine's Day came the best flower delivery I could have hoped for; a blooming bouquet of Pixi's entire rose-infused skincare line!

You said you wanted roses for Valentine's Day? Your girl delivered!

If you didn't already know, roses are basically the skincare BFF for those on the sensitive side. It does a wonderful job of balancing pH and overall tone, locking-in moisture and boosting radiance. Not to mention the fact that it has the most gorgeous natural fragrance of any botanical ingredients, in my opinion.

I've been testing the entire collection over the past few weeks, and I can already say a handful of these have already been promoted to the top shelf of my bathroom vanity (trust me, this is a huge deal). I've got all the details for you on which products my love stems the deepest for, and which ones left a thorn in my side (OK, that's a bit harsh. I just couldn't stop myself with the rose puns).

Rose Flash Balm - $34 CAD

If you're in the market for a new makeup primer, please do yourself a favour and run to the store to grab this. Oh my god, what a game changer this has been in my makeup routine!! I've never had foundation go on this smoothly before. Just make sure to pat it on rather than rub it into the skin, or else I find it tends to pill up.

This is supposedly a double-duty product that can be applied as a moisturizing mask. Personally, I haven't tried it this way (and can't honestly say that I intend to in the future) as I'm more of a sheet mask kinda gal these days.

Rose Cream Cleanser - $30 CAD

Having tried (and loved) their Glow Mud Cleanser for days when I'm more acne-prone, I was very excited to find a cleanser more suited to everyday use. The consistency is so lush and creamy, it feels so nourishing to use. It's wonderful for those with sensitive skin that still want a nice squeaky clean sensation.
It does a great job of removing makeup without stripping my skin; it balances out my oiliness and hydrates my dry spots. And the value for the amount of product you get is fabulous, because you really only need a dime-sized amount!

Rose Tonic - $20 CAD

If you find the Glow Tonic is a bit too strong, this is a much gentler toner option. It's does a great job of calming and soothing the skin, and prepping it for your moisturizer. Use it right after cleansing, and before moisturizing. I'm particularly fond of this for days when I'm not breaking out, but could still wish to even out my redness.

Makeup Fixing Mist - $25 CAD (approx)

This was the first setting spray I ever purchased (and actually the first Pixi Product I ever tried!), and it still remains an ol' faithful. Beautifully scented, gives a great even coverage, and keeps my makeup looking flawless all day long. I even have a sweet little hack if you've ever goofed up and packed on too much powder: spray this on your makeup sponge and blot it out. It helps reduce any cakiness, but also helps to set everything in place.

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths - $15 CAD (approx)

I should preface this by saying I'm not particularly fond of makeup wipes. In a pinch, they're great (especially after a workout), and can help start the process of removing extra stubborn makeup, but I can't use them alone. There's always an uncomfortable residue left on my face, which can only be relieved through washing with an actual cleanser.

With all of that in mind, these really didn't wow me. I didn't feel they effectively removed any makeup. I'll probably keep them in my gym bag as a quick refresher, but can't see myself picking them up again.

Rose Oil Blend - $34 CAD

You know that natural glow we all want from our skincare regime? This little bottle will give you that ethereal, natural highlight you've been craving.

I've been mixing this with my moisturizer during the day for added hydration, and occasionally with my foundation for that to-die-for dewy look. My only critique is that on its own it does feel a bit heavy and greasy on the skin. But if you're especially dry, try adding a few drops of this magical elixir to your existing routine.

Rose Glow Mist - $20 CAD

When it comes to facial mists, Pixi sets the bar real high. The nozzle gives even coverage in a very fine mist. I've personally tried quite a few rose-infused sprays, but this might very well be my favourite. This happens to be infused with argan and avacado oils as well, so it not only helps to even out the skintone, but amps up that coveted dewy look we all crave (especially on the dullest of winter days).

Rose Caviar Essence - $34 CAD

This is a product I've been super curious to try but quite honestly, wasn't sure if I needed. It's a hybrid of an essence and a serum, that's meant to be used after toning. It's essentially a primer for your moisturizer; in fact, you should definitely use a moisturizer after applying it, because it leaves the surface of my skin feeling tacky. If you're not particularly dry, you can probably skip out on this one.

I've enjoyed using this occasionally in my nighttime routine to get an extra dose of hydration before I doze off.

Rose Ceramide Cream - $40 CAD (approx)

Out of all of the products I received, I think this one impressed me the most.
It packs a major punch of hydration without feeling the slightest bit heavy. Which for an intensive moisturizer, is quite impressive in my books.

This stuff practically melts like butter into the skin and instantly quenches any dryness I might have. It's light enough for daytime use, but rich enough to qualify as a night cream also. As soon as this runs out, you can bet I'm running out of the house to buy another tube!

Have you tried any of the rose-infused Pixi Beauty products? Which ones were your favourites? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I've been looking into getting my hands on some new skincare products, because my skincare efforts SUCK as of late. I'll definitely check out the products you've listed here!

  2. Awesome!! Let me know how you like them!


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