Spilling Honest 'Tea' - How I Handle 'Bad' Product

Disclaimer: products mentioned in this post were received complimentary for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Discovering new beauty brands is one of the reasons I love blogging. But not everything that comes across my desk hits the mark. 
The folks at Influenster sent over a complimentary box of VDL Cosmetics products, and I was overwhelmed with the amount I received. Truthfully, I was only expecting a bottle of foundation and primer, so I was pretty excited to see a bunch of goodies to play around with.
Unfortunately, things did not work out. 
When I confessed on Instagram Stories that I had some negative feelings towards these products, The majority of you wanted me to 'spill the tea', so to speak. While I was tempted, I ultimately decided to bite my tongue.  Here's why.

I received everything from primer to setting spray from VDL Cosmetics, a brand that is very new to me (and perhaps to you). But just because these didn't work out for me doesn't mean that'll be the case for everyone!
Keep reading to learn more.

When I started Doll and Dye, my intent was to rediscover my longtime love of writing. I wanted to share things that filled me with joy, and inspire others to dip their toes into the unfamiliar. To take risks and embrace all colour in every aspect of their lives. It's been 3 years since I hit the publish button on my first post, and this little blog of mine has grown in ways I couldn't have ever predicted. For that, I am grateful beyond words.

Being able to share my thoughts on different products and hearing your feedback, or shared love is what keeps me going. Knowing that even just one person reads these ramblings of mine is enough to motivate me. So of course that means I want to keep things as positive as possible on this platform of mine. I'm very fortunate to receive products such as these, from brands who simply want an honest review in exchange. Though the reality is that not every single thing will work out in my favour.

I'd spill the tea, but I'd hate to get burned. Plus who wants to clean up that mess?
I fully believe that honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to reviewing.
However, there is a stark difference between being honest and being blatantly rude.
In some instances, I'll share products that didn't work out if I feel there might be someone else out there who might enjoy it. Other times, I won't (and I'll politely disclose to the sender why I won't).
I simply don't feel comfortable ranting and raving about why I thought a certain product was 'bad'. You don't need that negativity in your life (and quite honestly, neither do I).

I apologize if you truly wanted a thorough breakdown of these products. But because I did promise a review, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
The VDL Cosmetics products I received did not perform in the ways I had hoped they would. I tried several times to make them work, and that includes applying them in different manners, and seeing how they interacted with different products. No matter what I did, they just did not satisfy me.

But just like any other review, your opinion could differ greatly from mine! I've had readers try out something that I loved and it didn't meet their expectations. And that's okay! I do intend on trying out other products from VDL Cosmetics on another occasion, and I remain optimistic that there is something in their range I'll love.

And maybe there's something out there for you, too.

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