New Cake Beauty Treats For Your Tresses

disclaimer: products featured in this post were received complimentary through PR for testing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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In case it wasn't  glaringly obvious, I've always enjoyed expressing my personal style through my hair. Throughout the years, I've changed up the length, colour and overall style, and even had a brief stint as a hair model.

While I've settled on pink and stuck with it now for the past 3 years, all those years of bleach, dyes and colour removers have taken its toll. So I try to give my hair the TLC it deserves.
Since my life seems to revolve around the colour pink, it's only appropriate that my go-to hair products just so happen to come in matching packaging!

'Treat Yo'Self' definitely applies to your hair care routine, too!
Three of  the new Cake Beauty hair styling products are now some of my all-time faves!

My obsession with Cake Beauty is nothing new; I've raved about them previously on this blog. Even though these products were generously gifted to me through PR, I can honestly say I would have bought them with my own cash because I truly adore this brand. If the drool-worthy lemon cookie fragrance & perfectly pink packaging isn't enough to make you swoon, the ingredient list will make you (and your hair) feel pretty damn good! You won't find any parabens, sulfates or phthalates here. Plus the fact that they're Canadian & completely cruelty-free is the cherry on top!

They recently expanded their haircare lineup to include some stellar styling products that I now cannot live without! I've got a feeling they'll be instant favourites for you, too!

Now this is my idea of a 

Ménage à trois.

The Thick Trick Volumizing Styling Foam - $14.99 CAD

While I have a lot of natural volume and waves, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a little extra oomph.

Unlike other mousses I've tried, this doesn't leave my strands totally dried out and crunchy like an old wicker chair. It's so lightweight, the only evidence that it's even in my hair is the instant lift it gives my roots.  Even my husband started using this to keep his hair perfectly coiffed, because his styling wax alone wasn't doing the trick. He and I were both impressed when he came home from work with his hair looking as if he had just styled it.

If you want to evoke some major "big hair, don't care" attitude, this bottle will definitely do the trick.

There's that attitude I'm talkin' about. 

The Mane Manage'R 3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner - $14.99 CAD

I entrust my hairdresser to keep my mane as pink as possible, and she does a great job of doing so without causing much damage. But at the end of the day, bleach is still super harsh on hair. So a little extra moisturizing action is never frowned upon.

If my locks are feeling particularly parched after a wash, I like to spritz this on the ends while they're still damp. I find it really seals in the hydration and helps keep that dreaded frizz at bay. And my god, is my hair ever soft after using this!!
This also doubles as a heat protectant, which is a huge bonus given how much I rely on my flat iron for most of my styling efforts.

The Gloss Boss Dry Styling Oil - $14.99 CAD

Had to save the very best for last, which is especially ironic given that this is a finishing spray.
If you've ever fumbled with hair oil or styling cremes and wound up with a heavy, greasy mop, this will change your life.

Did I stop shining for a split second there? Better spritz on some more.

Think of this like a highlighter & setting spray for your hair (if you know how much I like to glow, you can sense why I love this product so much). It is my most used hair product, next to dry shampoo, because the shine & hydration it gives is unparalleled. I spritz this on after I finish styling my hair, to give it some gorgeous shine and softness.

You can't overdo it with this spray; my hair just drinks this right up and it glistens just as much as my cheekbones do after I finish a full-glam makeup look.

Cake Beauty, you've got me feelin' like a whole damn meal!

Outfit details:
sunglasses - IZOD

snack t-shirt - BBxCollection
Jumpsuit - Winners

You can now find this decadently affordable range of products at Walmart locations across Canada! Cake Beauty can also be found at Shopper's Drug Mart locations near you. Prefer to shop online? Shop through this link and get $15 off your first Cake Beauty order!*(this is an affiliate link)

What are your favourite Cake Beauty products? Which new haircare product are you most excited to try? Tell me in the comments!

Special thanks to Khoa Nguyen for these beautiful photos, and to Slinky's Ice Cream for allowing us to take these photos!


  1. Oooh styling oil??!! That I would totally try and I love the scent of Cake products so will have to see if I can find this product at my local Shoppers!

    1. It's such a cool product, I love the way it makes my hair look (and feel)! Hope you manage to get your hands on it!


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