Feeding Friendly Fashion - My Go-To Nursing Outfits

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One of my biggest grievances as a new mom isn't the lack of sleep or the sneaky bites during feeds. It's the lack of stylish nursing-friendly clothing options!!

When your body isn't your own, sometimes you crave things that make you feel more like you.  Having a routine is very important to me, and that includes putting on an actual outfit once I'm out of bed. But lately I open my closet and feel completely uninspired. Like I don't know who I am besides a walking baby buffet. As much as I'm loving my breastfeeding journey, I've had enough when it comes to how the fashion world thinks nursing mamas should look..

I'm an emotional shopper, through and through. I seek out pieces that give me a joyous reaction. Things that make me feel good when I wear them. Simply put; the most common nursing styles simply don't resonate with me. I understand the functionality behind it all, but frankly I am so sick of seeing unnecessary panels, fussy ruffles and asymmetric hems.
The biggest problem I encountered when shopping was that nursing clothing was always lumped into the 'maternity' category. This means a lot of empire waistbands and side ruching - great when you have a baby bump, not so great after the baby is on the outside.

You're probably wondering, "If you've been nursing for the past 9 months, what the hell have you been wearing Tori?!"
More often than not, I've found myself browsing regular, non-maternity clothing stores to find what I want. I thought I'd share a few pieces that I regularly rotate through, in case any fellow mamas are in a postpartum style-rut .

From left: ASOS Design side split tank - $21 CAD, Urban Planet high-low tee - $15.99 CAD,
Blondie Apparel Lansdowne East End Top - $85 CAD
When I brought Elliott home from the hospital I was fully unprepared for breastfeeding. Aside from the single nursing bra, I had absolutely nothing to wear (or so I thought).

Thankfully I found a well-loved tee in my closet that had the side hem totally split open on each side. To this day, it is one of the tops I reach for most often because of how easy it is to breastfeed in. Occasionally I'll layer it over a nursing tank if I want more coverage, but I usually don't mind letting a little skin peek out.

From Left: Aerie Saturday henley tank top - $17 CAD, Free People Mia bodysuit - $62.88 CAD,
H&M v-neck top - $7.99 CAD
Because I went up a few cup sizes once my milk came in, my button-up blouses simply couldn't contain the girls any longer. Even when I tried on new ones, I found I was in-between sizes and there was always that dreaded gap between buttons.
I started loving henleys because they have great stretch, they're super comfy, and can be unbuttoned easily. I wore my fave rib-knit, striped henley almost every day because it went with all the pants I own. I've even invested in a few tank versions for the summer months, and plan to wear them as layering pieces once the weather starts to cool off.

From Left: Abercrombie wrap cut-out dress - $28 CAD, Aerie cutout knot dress - $19.97 CAD,
Volcom cutout tie mini-dress - $54 CAD

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love my cutout knot dress from Aerie. Not only does it show off the cutest part of my tum, it is incredibly easy to breastfeed in! Plus on a super hot & muggy summer day, a little boob ventilation is a beautiful thing. Hell, even if you aren't nursing you should get this dress because it looks good on everyone (here's proof).

While the Aerie version is the OG in my opinion, I also found a few other similar styles above that would work equally as well (and look just as cute).

From Left: Bravado Ballet nursing bra - $39 CAD, Bravado original nursing bra - $40 CAD

This might sound like a no-brainer, but finding the right bra makes a world of a difference in your breastfeeding journey. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Ballet Nursing Bra from Bravado. I wear it pretty much everyday because it's incredibly comfortable and is easy to just pull to the side for easy feeding. I also regularly wear their Original Nursing Bra if I need a little more support (without sacrificing comfort). Unlike other nursing bras, I don't fumble with their clips at all!

Still struggling to find your nursing style? Here's some more helpful tips:

  • Two words: WRAP. DRESS. When I realized they are totally nursing-friendly, it was a glorious 'aha' moment. Plus they look good on every single body type, and can be worn in all seasons. 
  • If you're having difficulty shopping online, use keywords like 'wrap', 'side-slit' and 'button-front'.
  • Tops with a wide or deeper neckline are easy to yank down/to the side for easy boob access. 
  • Off-the-shoulder styles could also potentially be an option, though this style has never really worked for me personally (they always tend to ride up and look awkward).
  • If all else fails, invest in some quality nursing tanks and wear them under your regular tops. That way you can pull up your shirt without exposing your entire belly if that makes you uncomfortable (I personally love the nursing tanks from the H&M conscious line).

I hope these tips help any fellow nursing mamas or mom's to-be! Feel free to share your favourite feeding-friendly fashion picks in the comments!


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