NudeStix Nudies Bloom Review - Minimalist Multitaskers

Disclaimer: products in this post were sent complimentary in exchange for review. All opinions are my own!

When it comes to using makeup, it's more fun to break the rules. I've always enjoyed trying products outside of their intended applications, like using lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeshadow as bronzer/blush. 
It's okay to use your fingers, mix colours and experiment. Who knew Miss Frizzle's age old advice, "Take chances, make mistakes & get messy!" would apply to the world of cosmetics?

My point is this; above everything else, beauty should be fun. 
If you've been nodding along as you read this, then I've got the makeup brand for you!

I'm fairly new to the world of Nudestix, but everything I've picked up so far has made me a HUGE fan. Their minimalist approach to makeup is quite refreshing in an otherwise overcrowded market (yeah, I said it).  Given how versatile their products are, the 'less is more' mentality is a total game-changer. Not to mention the fact that their ingredients are always vegan, gluten-free and free of parabens & preservatives.
Oh, and they're Canadian, too. Are you in love yet?!

Nudestix Nudies Bloom all over dewy colour - $35 CAD each
Nudestix kindly sent over their new Nudies Bloom all over face colour sticks for me to test out, and they have quickly become new instant favourites.

Anything that invokes creativity and playfulness gets an A+ from me, so Nudestix may as well be on the honour roll. This 4-piece collection can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips; there's truly no right or wrong way to use these! The finish is beautifully dewy and luminous without being too flashy or glossy. Plus the colours are so delicious, they make for the perfect summer selection.

Each shade comes fit with a dense & super soft stippling brush in the bottom, that can be twisted off if you prefer. I find the brush is great for diffusing the product onto the cheeks for a soft flush. Personally, I'm all about tapping my finger onto the product and dabbing it on to my desire. 

from left: Sweet Peach Peony, Poppy Girl, Cherry Blossom Babe, & Tiger Lily Queen.

It's hard to pick a favourite shade in this lineup; they're all equally stunning in every application!

I've truly never seen a cream product be so buildable and blendable without sliding everywhere or creating a mess. Let any intimidating thoughts go because these are SO incredibly easy to use, you'll wonder how you've ever lived without them. 

Honestly, I love each and every one of these shades. Though lately I've been reaching for Poppy Girl & Tiger Lily Queen the most because I'm all about coral shades this summer. I feel these would all being incredibly flattering for any skintone, whether you want a just hint of colour or a bright pop of pigment. 

Curious to see Nudestix in action?
Tune into the Nudestix Instagram Stories on Tuesday July 30, 2019 and watch for my tutorial!

This little dude of mine will be joining me as I apply my 5-minute face with some of my fave Nudestix products! 
Have you tried any Nudestix products? Which are your favourites? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I agree with you that they are super buildable and blendable. Your Insta Story for them was really cute!

    1. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed watching Elliott & I! Thanks for the love!

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