Itsy Bitsy Attire - My Gender Neutral Baby Shopping Tips

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Rachel's sister visits and decides she's going to be a baby stylist for a living? Well, consider that my new job for the duration of this blog post.

When my husband and I found out we had a little one on the way, we chose to leave the sex of the baby a mystery. My mom always says there are few surprises in life, and that is certainly a big one. And if I'm completely honest, the whole gender reveal thing is just not my cup of tea.

Of course, our decision had some folks asking, "How will you know what clothing to buy for the baby?"

While it is a fair question given that the baby aisle is often split between pink & blue options, I'm here to tell you it's not as daunting a task as it may seem. Even though I'm a firm believer that pink isn't just for girls, I respect that not everyone will feel comfortable dressing a little boy in blush tones. (However, the amount of times people have stopped to gush over my 'little girl' while Elliott is dressed in all blue is astounding. It's frustrating, but I've started to look at it as an opportunity to educate people. I kindly correct them by saying something like, "He's actually a boy, but thank you for the compliment!"
Only once did someone get offended by me doing this, and even then all I could do was laugh because REALLY?!)

I digress...

Because a number of you have asked for my advice, or gushed over Elliott's #OOTD photos, I've put together some shopping tips to help you navigate neutral options. I've even got a list of some of my favourite places to shop for baby (and they're all Canadian, too!).

Break The Rules

These leggings are technically from the girls section, but who says stars are gender-specific anyway?
Pants: Joe Fresh, Onesie: Old Navy, Sweater: H&M
I tend to disregard signage around the store that dictates what 'gender' the clothing is intended for. Truthfully, a lot of Elliott's clothing was (and still is) sourced from the girls section. But you'd never know it (and neither does he... he's a baby, after all)!

I found most 'neutral' colour options were found in the boys section, but a lot of the brighter 'fun' colour options are marketed towards girls. I just tend to avoid things with overt feminine details like ruffles, bows and frills. though a quick snip with the scissors can help with that. On that note, I personally stay  away from traditionally masculine imagery of sports and trucks, but don't let that stop you; girls can enjoy all of these things, too!

Live In Colour

Sunshine yellow looks good on just about anyone!
Onesie: BBxCollection, Bummies: Everlee Baby
Most 'gender neutral' options are exactly that; neutral. Expect to see a lot of white, grey, black & navy when you shop this section. The upside is that they pair easily with any colour you choose. I'm personally a big fan of yellow, whether it's lemon, mustard, dandelion or cream. Some other shades I've been loving are sage green, burnt orange, teal and maroon.

I tend to buy bottoms in solid colours because it makes it easier to mix and match with different patterns and prints. This also applies to my own wardrobe, as well. Try and find a colour that doesn't pair well with a black & white striped tee/onesie, I dare you.

Mix & Match

Donuts, polka dots & ice cream make for a pretty cute combo!
Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: Joe Fresh, Ice Cream Teether: LouLou Lollipop
Let's face it, kids clothing is too expensive not to outfit repeat. But if you're tired of dressing your mini in the same ensembles each week, there's ways to mix it up with accessories. Again, applying the rules of my own closet to his. Stick with what you know, am I right?

I love to change up outfits by tossing on a patterned bib, a fun pair of socks, or even a coordinating blankie. They can make an otherwise plain outfit look that much more cute. Not to mention the fact that these items all make for great inexpensive gifts, too!

Still feeling lost? Here are a few of my favourite baby clothing brands:

Admit it, you read his onesie and now you're humming the jingle.
Onesie: The Good Kid Clothing Company, Bummies: Thimble & Fox

The Good Kid Clothing Company - Quintessential 'cool kid' tees with a cheeky nod to Canadiana pop culture.

Thimble & Fox - The most playful patterns & prints; I honestly wish they came in adult sizes!

Pure Colour Baby - My go-to for 'grow-with-me' basics. They just opened their flagship boutique in Kingston!

Mini Heroes - Smile-worthy slogans & cute coordinates

BBxCollection - For the best mommy & me tees. Because who doesn't love a matching moment?!

Everlee Baby -Super soft, ethically-made essentials. Elliott basically lived in their bummies all summer-long!

Petit Lem - Gorgeous gifting options perfect for your next baby shower.

Where do you like to shop for the little ones in your life? Do you have any shopping tips you swear by? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Til then, happy shopping!

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