Nostalgia & New Faves - Avon Magix Wand Foundation & Mattitude Liquid Lipsticks Review

Disclaimer: Products included in this post were sent complimentary in exchange for review.
All opinions are my own!

One of my first experiences with beauty products was when a loved one gifted me an Avon lipstick. It was a creamy terracotta nude shade. One might say it was a bit more of a mature colour, given that I was about 13 at the time. But I remember applying it and feeling empowered. It doesn't seem like much, but instantly made me feel much more grown up. Like it opened the door to so many possibilities I hadn't considered for myself before. Little did I know it at the time, that moment helped to spark my lifelong love of makeup.

Admittedly it's been quite a few years since Avon has been a part of my beauty regime, Though there are still many Avon products I still think about fondly because of the memories connected to them. Like how my friends and I used to douse ourselves with 'Smile' body mist, or smear glitter gel across our decolletage. I still recall how much I anticipated shower time so I could lather up with their Bath Time Body Paints; a body wash in a big chunky rollerball. That joyful excitement still bubbles up inside me when I bring home new cosmetics. Maybe I'm still a child at heart, but playing with makeup always lifts my spirits.

Ding-dong Avon calling! You better answer so you don't miss out on these new launches!

You can already sense how excited I was to receive these new Avon products after all these years. This new lineup is so bold, playful and fun; all things I love and look for when it comes to makeup. What I love most about Avon these days is that you no longer have to wait on your local representative to swing by your doorstep. The full range is now shopable online (including some web exclusive products)!
Keep reading to hear my thoughts on their newest liquid lipsticks & face perfecting products!

Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector with SPF 20 - $15 CAD & Avon Magix Wand Foundation Stick - $15 CAD each

When it comes to every day makeup, I like to keep it pretty simple. I also need to be able to put it on in a flash because of how hectic my mornings have become. For these reasons, I'm a big fan of cream foundation formulas - especially in a stick format.

You folks know I've become loyal to my Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur stick when it comes to foundation, so I was curious to see just how Avon's Magix Wand would compare.

Avon Magix Prime face perfector & Magix Wand Foundation Sticks
from top: 'Marshmallow', 'Chai', & 'Amaretto'

Let's start off with the primer. Apparently this is a classic Avon product that has recently been given a chic makeover, though it remains completely new to me. At first it feels very silicone-y, comparable to the texture of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, but as it is smoothed out onto the skin it transforms to a soft, powdery matte finish. It definitely fulfills its promise of blurring fine lines and pores, and allowed the foundation to glide on smoothly.

Because of its texture, I would recommend patting/smoothing this onto the skin as opposed to rubbing it in as I worry it may pill. Also because of it's matte finish, I would definitely recommend laying down a hydrating moisturizer beforehand especially if you're on the drier side.

Left side I am wearing Avon's Magix Primer & Magix Stick Foundation in 'Marshmallow', versus right side which has no makeup applied.
You can see the redness has been reduced and the colour match is accurate to my natural skin tone.
From left: Avon Magix Wand foundation stick in 'Marshmallow' versus Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick in 'Light 2'.

As for the foundation sticks, I am pleasantly surprised by this formula! While the darker shades I received are not quite suited for my complexion, I am happy to say the shade 'Marshmallow' is a great match for me! While the texture does feel a bit thicker than my beloved Nudestix, I find Avon's version has slightly more colour coverage and gives my skin a more luminous finish (thanks to he blend of vitamin E & shea butter). It applies smoothly & evenly, and can be layered without caking up to your desired amount of coverage. 2 big thumbs up from me!

Wearing Avon Magix Stick Foundation in 'Marshmallow' all over with 'Amaretto' used as a bronzer/contour shade. While I'm satisfied with the colour of 'Marshmallow', I found 'Amaretto' to be a bit too orange for my liking.

Avon Mattitude Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks - $15 CAD each

It's been a hot minute since I played around with matte liquid lipsticks, because this has been the summer of glossy & sheer. But give me a tube of bright, bold colour and I'm already sold!

One swipe of these gives you full coverage and fierce colour. The doefoot applicator has a slight curve which does a fabulous job of hugging your lips to deliver even application. If you've been hesitant to try richly pigmented lipstick for fear of messing up, this wand is easy to maneuver and the formula is very forgiving. I find unlike other matte liquid lipsticks, these don't completely dry down. While this unfortunately means you'll see some transfer on your coffee mug, your lips won't feel totally dehydrated after a day's worth of wear.

Avon Mattitude Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks
from top: 'Devoted', Driven', 'Resolute', & 'Ambitious'.
If the colour payoff isn't enough, the names of each shade are equally as awesome. I personally am hopelessly devoted to the shade 'Devoted' (Easy there, Sandy), but also really like 'Driven'. I've decided that  'Resolute' & 'Ambitious' aren't really my cup of tea, but they are definitely beautiful in their own right!

If you want to add a pop of colour to your look, a bold lipstick like these are a super easy way to do just that. If you're still a little nervous, just keep the rest of your makeup minimal & neutral! Don't let the fact that I already have bright pink hair make you think that you can't rock the hell out of a bright colour, too!

Have you tried any of these new Avon products? Do you have any nostalgic makeup memories too? Share a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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