#NoFilter - Authentic Aspirations For The New Year

At the risk of sounding cliche, I've been doing a lot of reflecting as I look back at the past year. Since starting this blog, I've shared much of my life with you all. Yet, there are things behind the lens that I've kept to myself. It's high time I take down the filter and show you who I really am.

I've always been an advocate for speaking up, and asking for help. Yet when it comes to sharing certain photos, or writing about certain subjects, I am sometimes filled with immense hesitation. I feel a lump in my throat, and my mind races with anxious 'what-ifs'. So I cling to a security blanket of sorts, and play it safe. Doesn't seem fitting for someone who sports neon coloured hair, does it?

Truthfully, there are a number of topics I've been itching to talk about with you all, but I cast them off as 'inappropriate' or 'irrelevant'. Yet, my philosophy for Doll & Dye has always been about stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and above all, being unapologetic and wholly authentic.

So why haven't I been taking my own advice?

I cannot count how many times I've sat down to write a blog post but stopped myself because I felt it "didn't fit" with the rest of my content. It was only recently that I had the ol' lightbulb moment when I realized I decide my content.
As much as I enjoy talking about beauty & fashion with you all (and will still continue sharing this content), I am itching to share so much more. Rest assured, there's more to me than just bright pink hair and lipstick swatches. I want talk about the hard shit; like postpartum mental health, body image, sexuality & pleasure, and all the other things we tend to keep hush-hush.

I'm tired of hiding the messy & imperfect aspects of my life because, quite frankly, perfection is boring. I want you to feel empowered by what you read here, feel comforted knowing you aren't alone, and feel excited to try something new. This is everything I wanted Doll & Dye to stand for since I first clicked that 'publish' button, and I'm more excited than ever to share my thoughts with you all.

With the start of this new year, I want to make a promise to both myself and you all; I vow to stop holding myself back. And I hope you will find the courage to be unapologetically pink with me.

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