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Disclaimer: This post is a paid collaboration with Felix Health. All opinions expressed are my own

Perhaps fellow parents can relate; once I brought my son into the world, I was already being bombarded with questions about my family's future.

"When is the next one coming?","Will Elliott be a big brother?", "Do you think you'll have another?"

And the answer is... We're not sure. I know for certain that I don't want two under 2 (this has always been my preference, even before I got pregnant). But we might be one & done. It's all very up in the air right now, and it's made the topic of birth control a bit tricky to navigate.

I knew I didn't want an IUD because of the time commitment (and the invasive insertion, let's be honest). My fear of needles has also swayed me away from the Depo shot. My experience with birth control pills has been a mixed bag; pre-baby, I was on Alesse for almost 10 years without any major issues. Though once I was 6 weeks postpartum, I was prescribed I was the 'mini-pill' (progestin only) because it was one of the only safe options as I was nursing. After a month or two it was causing me to have some painful, hormonal acne breakouts. given that I experienced this in my pregnancy I did not want to have to endure it again, so I stopped.

In lieu of all this, I wasn't sure what my options were, and was hesitant to take more time off work to book another appointment with my doctor. Thankfully the folks at Felix Health reached out to me and the timing couldn't have been more perfect!

What is Felix? 

I've always supported the notion that anyone and everyone should be able to easily access birth control, though unfortunately this isn't always the case. Whether you have a busy schedule that doesn't always accommodate for long waits in a doctor’s office, or you simply don't have access to a family doctor, Felix is breaking barriers for Canadians to get the lifestyle medications they need. 

This innovative digital company has paired with licensed Canadian doctors and accredited pharmacists to deliver prescriptions to your doorstep. Whether you have an existing script, or you're looking to start or change medications, Felix offers prescriptions for birth control, hair loss, acne and erectile dysfunction. All you have to do is setup an account & fill out a brief medical questionnaire, and your file will be reviewed within 24 hours by one of the doctors on board. The online visit is only $40.00 plus the cost of your prescription, and guarantees refills for up to 1 year. All requests can be submitted through your insurance provider and, best of all, shipping is free!

MFelix Experience

Every single step is secure, discreet and completely painless! I found the profile setup and questionnaire to be incredibly easy to navigate.  Felix requires users to submit photo ID, and no prescriptions are handed over until proof of age & signature are provided upon delivery.

I started my Felix journey knowing that I was considering a birth control prescription (they also offer other contraceptive options like patches and rings; there's truly something for everyone!), but didn’t know what pill would be best for me given my history and current situation.
Enter one of my favourite features on the website; the chat function!

Given that my son is starting to show signs of weaning from nursing, I was curious about going back to my Alesse prescription. Part of the questionnaire is a section to leave questions for the Felix medical team. One of the doctors promptly reached out to me to discuss my queries regarding the safety of combination birth control pills and breastfeeding. It really instilled my confidence in the service provided and gave me that human connection you’d expect from being in an actual doctor’s office. Plus, it was incredibly comforting to have the all the information provided in a judgement-free way.

I felt very informed in the choices provided by the doctor, and we agreed that an Alesse prescription would suit my current needs. Once approved by the doctor, my request was sent off to the pharmacy partner (who calls you to confirm the details and offers additional drug counselling should you need it) and my pills were on their way!

Within 3 days, a discreet package landed at my door! I opted for a one-month dose and have the option to change the frequency of my refills (or the prescription entirely) if I need to. 

I couldn’t be happier with my Felix experience, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

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