Not Your Mama's Pantyhose - My Sheertex Review

Disclaimer: Products included in this post were sent complimentary in exchange for review. All opinions are my own!
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I've always known that being a parent meant making sacrifices. For me, that includes giving up a good chunk of my wardrobe. My outfits are dictated by my son's needs more so than my own;  from choosing tops based on their boob-access, to coveting jeans with a good stretch. But more than anything, my clothing needs to last.

My outfits have regularly been subjected to various stains & unfortunate tears because I spend most of my time chasing after a toddler.  But dammit, sometimes this mama still wants to look fabulous! Unfortunately my choices have become somewhat limited, because let's be honest; durable & chic don't often coincide.

My dresses and skirts have been collecting dust in my closet because I rely on tights to complete the look (full disclosure: my razor is also collecting dust). I'm sure we can all agree that most pantyhose brands aren't tough enough to last through an entire playdate with a 16 month old. They're not very cost-effective either, given that I'm clumsy as hell and have torn through a pair tights after slipping a single toe into them on multiple occasions. Throw in an afternoon spent crawling around Lego blocks, puzzle pieces and unidentified food crumbs; it's a recipe for disaster. Hosiery didn't seem to be a functional fashion choice, until I tried Sheertex.

Inside this container is something 10 times stronger than steel, while still being super stylish!
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Twist it, pull it, bop-it...Wait.

Sheertex Polka-Dot Sheers - $111.00 CAD

You've likely seen the ads on your Facebook feed; people tugging and stretching at their tights only to have them spring right back into place, completely unaffected. Seems too good to be true, right?
Well folks, I'm here to tell you that they're legit. And not only that, they're made in Canada by a woman-founded company!

Sheertex kindly sent over a pair of their super cute Polka-Dot Sheers for me to put to the test, and (spoiler alert) they're the real deal.
These tights can handle toddler-hood, and just about anything else because they're made from the same materials used in bulletproof vests! In addition to being tough as hell, they're also hydrophobic (water resistant), antimicrobial, and breathable. And look how friggin' cute they are!

No longer afraid of my toddler's sticky snack fingers staining my clothes (well, at least not my Sheertex).

It should be noted I sat on a few pieces of Lego in the midst of this playtime photoshoot, and these tights remained intact. 
Sheertex has a wide selection of tights all made from their revolutionary knit technology, in an inclusive size range (from Small to 3XL, and available in Short, Regular or Tall options).
In addition to classic sheers & opaque tights, they also offer retro backseams, fun patterns & vivid colours too. They even have a limited edition sparkle collection that I may or may not be adding to my cart as we speak (check out the entire line here).

While I know the price tag is considerably higher than your run-of-the-mill hosiery options (prices range from $69-$139 CAD), consider how much longer Sheertex will last. The cost-per-wear is far better than anything you can find in the drug store. Trust me when I say they're absolutely worth the investment.

I try to use the term 'must-have' lightly, but I must insist that you all give these a try if you've ever been let down by hosiery before. Truly, I've never been this impressed by a piece of clothing in my entire life!

 Apologies in advance if you run into me while I'm wearing my Sheertex;
I will absolutely show off the stretch-test any chance I get.
 Bet your mama's pantyhose can't do this! 

Wanna put these tights to the test?
Use code DOLLANDDYE10 for $10 off your first purchase with Sheertex

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