My Swoon Experience - Pleasure Made Personal

Disclaimer: this post contains frank discussions on sex & pleasure.

This post is in collaboration with Swoon - All opinions expressed are my own.

I once made a joke at a party that a Hitachi Magic Wand would be a fantastic wedding present. Most people laughed; some because of the crassness, others chuckled out of familiarity. But one friend shyly asked what a Magic Wand was. At first I was baffled that someone might not be familiar with the holy grail of vibrators, but it served as a bold reminder that the topic of sex toys is one that is still hidden in taboo.

It’s clear the adult toy industry isn’t going away anytime soon, especially given how many brands have reported soaring sales since the pandemic peaked (Global News did a report on this!). So why is there still a stigma surrounding what’s in many of our nightstands? The idea that sex toys are dirty, shameful, or intimidating needs to be tossed out like an expired battery. People seek out vibrators & dildos for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to experience a new sensation, reclaim intimacy with a partner, or explore a new method of self-care.  Personally, I’ve used sex toys for all of these reasons, and many more.

I’ve always been curious about bringing home a new toy since I was legally allowed to shop for one. Though I can quickly see how stepping foot into an adult fun store can be as anxiety-inducing as a trip to the dentist. Everyone is SO different, and that’s why there tends to be an overwhelming variety of vibes on the market. It can make one feel a little clueless, especially as a newcomer (pun intended?). Exploring my sexuality has always been incredibly empowering for me, and I want others to experience this sensation as well. Though my approach to pleasure products might look a little different than yours, and the contents of my nightstand may not be suited to your unique needs. 

So how do you find what’s best for you? You talk to the gals at Swoon.

This unique platform, designed by Canadian co-founders Ellen B. & Kerry M., was created to destigmatize and deconstruct the world of pleasure products & sexual wellness. After some unsatisfying vibes were felt in the ‘beginner’ section of their local adult toy store, these ladies quickly saw the need for change. Through an incredibly approachable & accessible website, Swoon will create and curate a shopping list of ideal products chosen with only you in mind. How’s that for a personal shopping experience?

Even though I consider myself somewhat of a bedside accoutrement connoisseur, I’m not an expert by any means. I wanted to see what types of recommendations the Swoon gals could come up with for me. I took the Swoon Vibe Consult and it was very much like chatting with a trusted, long-time friend; they truly want to work WITH you. 

Each question in the Consult is equal parts thoughtful and straightforward, without a trace of any flowery language. I really appreciated questions such as, “Which sense of touch do you find the most satisfying/comforting?”, because it makes you consider functions and features you may not have considered (or even knew about). Admittedly I didn’t know much about palm-style vibes beforehand, and the Consult definitely piqued my interest.

After 24 hours my Swoon Picks arrived in an email (you can even opt to have these sent by text message). I was pleasantly surprised to find something totally new (and incredibly appealing) to me – the Swan Squeeze by BMS, and the Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager by Cal Exotics (a palm-style vibe!). They even recommended a toy I’ve had my eye on for ages, the Orange County Cutie by Cal Exotics, which just confirms it’s totally fate and must be mine. 

What I truly appreciate is how upfront they are about pricing. Swoon works hand-in-hand with their wholesale partners to ensure there's something suitable for all budgets, because good quality vibrators don’t have to break the bank (though if you have the means to, seeking out a little luxury is nothing to be ashamed of). I’m admittedly incredibly picky when I’m deciding what to buy for between the sheets, and it’s very comforting to know that all the products Swoon has available are made of body-safe materials. Gives all new meaning to the phrase, “No bad vibes,” doesn’t it?

Even if it's not necessarily a toy you're seeking, Swoon has a comprehensive list of Resources like books, podcasts, and pornography. You can even specify in the Consult that you’re seeking other recommendations; I was referred to some great reading material after I mentioning I was looking for resources on pleasure for new parents. One was already on my bookshelf (Come As You Are by Nagoski), so I’ve started giving it a re-read thanks to their reco! 

It’s safe to say I’ve fallen hard & fast in love with Swoon , and am so grateful for Ellen & Kerry’s dedication in finding the perfect Picks for me! I cannot wait to explore more, and I hope you will too!

Ready for your own Swoon experience?
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