Period Positive - 7 Menstrual Care Brands You Need To Know

Have you ever tried to muffle the crinkle of a tampon wrapper in a public washroom? Walked in front of a friend so they could check your rear for a crimson stain? Cancelled plans because of your period symptoms? Made a makeshift pad out of a wad of toilet paper and hoped for the best?

Here's a better question; have you ever felt empowered while menstruating?

It makes you wonder why these negative experiences are so universal that they outweigh many (if not all) of the positive ones. No one should have to feel ashamed or unworthy simply because they're menstruating. It's about time we change the narrative.

May 28th is recognized as World Menstrual Hygiene Day, and that in itself is worthy of a celebration! Today symbolizes a global movement to erase the stigma and shame surrounding menstruation, and fight for period equity around the world. Everyone who menstruates should be able to access and afford the hygiene products they need - period

In honour of the occasion, I wanted to highlight 7 brands and organizations that are each uniquely changing the way we experience menstruation. Whether it's by providing you with knowledge, comfort, or even empowerment, I hope this list helps to ensure your next period is a positive one!


This East Vancouver-based brand offers a wide range of reusable menstrual products from pads, liners, panties and even cups! In addition to a selection of fun prints & colours, they offer an inclusive size selection ranging from 2XS to 5XL.  Still not sure what product is best suited to you? They even have a quiz to help with that!

I always appreciate a brand that is fully transparent in their practices, and the folks at Aisle are always happy to share what they're all about. They proudly display information about their fabric technology, manufacturing partners, and charitable efforts all on their website.

Shop Here For Her

So much of what I now know about periods is thanks to this little corner of the internet. Founder Rachel Ettinger grew tired of being silent about sexual health issues, and created an online community where folks can freely share & learn about their intimate health. Through this, Rachel has become a champion for menstrual equity, and partners with Ontario organizations to raise health awareness and provide hygiene products to those in need. 

Want to show your support for menstrual health and sex education? Pick up some stylish merch on the Here For Her online store - all proceeds are directed toward HFH's future advocacy efforts and education! 


Affordable, sustainable... disposable? You read that right!

Joni is a line of pads & liners made of super-soft organic bamboo, so they're less irritating and more gentle than your standard store-bought brands. This also means they're an environmentally friendly option, as these products are fully biodegradable and plastic-free!
Boxes start as low as $9.99 CAD, and they offer a subscription model so you'll always be fully stocked in time for Aunt Flo's arrival.

And while affordability is one factor, accessibility is still a major barrier for menstruators across Canada (1 in 3, to be exact). That's why Joni has a one-for-one promise; each box purchased ensures another box is donated to non-profits across the country.

Period Packs

As mentioned earlier, almost every menstruator can recall a time where they found themselves without a pad or tampon. Unfortunately, this is a common reality for too many menstruators across Canada, and it's because these essential hygiene products are often inaccessible. Thankfully there are non-profits who work hard to ensure these individuals are receiving the period products and dignity they deserve; and one of them is based right here in Ottawa!

Period Packs is a small team of community members who collect and distribute period products to marginalized menstruators in our city. They also partner with local retailers to create various drop-off locations, so shoppers can donate pads or tampons at their convenience. 
In addition to providing essential hygiene items to those in need, their scope also includes education & activism to efforts to raise awareness about period poverty. 

Revol Undies

This Vancouver brand served as my introduction to period underwear, and it has been nothing short of revol-utionary.

Each pair of Revol Undies are made to order in your preferred protection level, and come in a variety of inclusive styles & sizes (set to expand up to 8XL later this year). Not only are they incredibly sexy and exciting to wear, they are SO comfortable. Enough so, that I have forgotten I was even menstruating on some occasions (cramp-free days, obviously). 

Put a Cup In It

As someone who has become accustomed to speaking & bleeding freely, I often receive questions about menstrual cups. Unfortunately, this is an area I'm admittedly not an expert in (ask my pelvic floor physiotherapist why), and it's why I am especially grateful for the folks at Put a Cup In It.

The menstrual cup has become a huge game changer for many, but it can be difficult to find the right one. Everyone's body is different, which means a one-size-fits-all menstrual cup is essentially a unicorn. Thankfully, the PACII team has done all the research so you can easily find the perfect fit. Their website features a Cup Quiz, various Comparison Charts for cups AND disks, & even exclusive discounts!


Too many of us suffer from painful period symptoms that limit our ability to lead our regular, everyday lives. Oftentimes a few ibuprofens simply won't cut it, because well... some days are harder than others. 

Through their first-hand experiences with chronic pain, the folks at Somedays have crafted a line of wellness products to soothe and support you through your cycle. By using only high quality, plant-based ingredients, this collection features a Cramp Cream, Flaxseed heat pads, and Raspberry Relief Tea

Want to learn more about Menstrual Hygiene Day? 
Head to  to learn about the various organizations involved and what the campaign entails.

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